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24 Jul

radionewz, put up on the blog yesterday, information pertaining to a lawsuit in south florida.  Now, for well over a year,  I have refused to be part of the information on this lawsuit..  This was done to counter attack the article that Tim Holmseth put out..

I have kept quiet, posting nothing about any lawsuit or individuals in South Florida..  not having information to be accused of sharing with Tim H. blew a few corks out of their balloons, couldn’t throw those darts out..

By all rights,  no information  should have been available that is =  pertaining to this lawsuit, and who is and isn’t involved.  Search the web.. there is nothing out there..   And no.. no one is using no one.  See we have dealt with this issue before, where information pertaining to legal cases have been thrown up and thrown around. Actually, activity that occurred in a court room, where only the parties in that court room should have known the circumstances, or been in direct communication with the plaintive, defendant, judge, detectives or attorneys.  Oh shoot,  the documents radionewz posted online,  over the Doctor, boy did that one cause a bunch of trouble, even as far up to the Judge..  Removed the Doctor from anywhere near that case.  Yes, the Doctor knows who posted them and so does the Judge and the Attorney..

Now, how did you obtain to publish ” Whit of Bodily Attachment”  or the ” Holmseth Gal Order”, which was the order from the Judge to the “Guardian Ad litein”  involving the child of Holmseth, how did you get that order and why would you publish it?

Do you wish to deny both of these documents?  Where did I get them, you posted them on Google fool and I found them.. see…….. rolling my eyes….. I also have a copy of the original 300 page complaint that was posted on radionewz forum.  Yes, fool I got it off the forum..








By the way, the comment about still having an active “Writ of bodily attachment”

Sorry to have to tell you this.. that Writ expired on December 31, 2011.  And how did you a get a True Copy of that Writ?  There should only have been 3 copies made, one for the Sheriff, one for the Plaintiff and one for the Defendant….  The original went into the files in the Court House.  And no, the Judge was not going to give a stranger over the internet a true copy of this Writ..

See, there again is  one of the particular questions that I would have..  Is during any part of this lawsuit, that radio is referring to, where did she- it.. get the information.  Its  no- where on the internet.. only someone directly involved with the case would have that info.. not me, not th.. The other parties have put nothing out, so how would anyone on radionewz have any information at all?    See, thats how quiet info can be kept when people refuse to be involved.. so who put it out.. and look at  the name that radio threw around..

I have seen that name thrown around twitter, and accused of more things between murt, levi and radionewz than you can imagine, and I don’t understand why his spouse hasn’t been up in arms over these issues and defending him.   But I have not seen that anywhere, nor have I heard of it..

Bottom line.. the only way radio could have the info is personal knowledge..  So who could it be?    Has to be someone who is close to the case.. either by friendship, relationship or representation..  And if its friendship, by sharing info with radio.. thats not a friend, friends don’t do that to one another.. relationship..  the question I would as is why? put your life or others in your life out on a limb for people to know about?  And if it involves any form of representation, thats not good..  There is this privacy thing about not sharing information on any case you do or have represented a client.

So, radionewz you have done far more harm to this situation that you can even imagine..  And photocopies of your comments have been sent..

So you didn’t resolve what you wanted, you only made matters worse… and who’s fault is this?  Now  you do realize, the three ghost writers you had as radio are gone, but not too far.. And levi and Holly are always close at hand.

We have a  CHECKMATE !!  








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