Absolutely So Stupid !!

18 Jul

As though you don’t have enough in this world to do, but to post your stupidity on Radionewz.  Always brawling for a fight, as if you have good sense.   Your mouth jeez somebody needs to wash it out with heavy salt water, filth is all that comes out of it..

And what do you do.. you bring my name into it.. Can’t stop yourself can you..  Figures..  Now, are you so f’ing drunk already on a Friday, that you  could not stop yourself from the stupidity that you have begun?

Now, think about it.. how long have you been harassing this man?  Are you so ignorant that you don’t know whats going to be crossing that Judges Desk?  Are you so ignorant that you don’t realize this is a Federal Judge.. And this Federal Judge is going to ask..  Who is this person..   Why is this person calling itself  “executioner” harassing you? And why would this person be referring to these children in Florida as being Murdered?

I can’t believe you are this stupid.. you have put yourself right smack in the middle of a mess..  and you honestly can’t see how this might well play out?  Well, idiot for sure..  you apparently are the one who wants to be intimate with Holmseth, thats what you use, sex to control men..  Unfortunately, Holmseth never would get anywhere close to your nasty ass…. and any female who is friends or communicates with him, you are so jealous you can’t stand it..  He’s the man you couldn’t have and hes the man you could never control..  Deep shit bitch..  He  He Snort.  As the executioner bitch hits the bottle again..  Just pure gold baby..

So. you know that what you posted, and its too late.. its all photocopied and on its way, will end up on that Judges desk..   And since this case is completely about violating his rights.. Damn your stupid !! ROFLAUSA..

‘But, Yourrrrr Honnor”   U can forget that shit this is a Federal Judge.. not a city, county, or State.. this is Federal.. NO holds barred..   Oh so they need to find out who you are?  Oh thats no problem,  there are at least 2 or 3 people who could be called into court, across country.. ROFLAUSA..  and it won’t be by phone.. Its called Federal Marshall’s.. and they will find you and can escort you..  This is Federal Dumb Ass.

And I promise.. the minute the Federal Marshall’s grab hold of your ass, and drag it across country to appear in that Judges Court and answer for your damn postings on the internet..  I will post everything everything the judge says and does to you.. all over the damn web…. I promise.. and what ya gonna do..

And the Judge is not going to be impressed by the sexual vulgar comments..  Your dumbass days are numbered and you did it yourself..

I so hope E Boyle takes time to read that shit.. he’s gonna be rolling down in Florida laughing at your stupid ass.


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