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10 Jul

Amazingly,  one of the crazys..  seems to think that harassment in any and every form is apparently acceptable, but their choices in who they use for the harassment is rather odd.   Now this isn’t the first time this has come by banging on my door.. but hopefully after pointing this out.. it might stop..

First of all.. how many of you are aware of who Lonnie Quinn is?   Okay 98 percent of us know him as a man who’s on the news, and thats about it..    Now, how many of you know he use to live in Florida?   Yep, sure enough and thats where he got his first Divorce..   I’m sure his ex-wife still lives there..   Me, I know all about Lonnie Quinn.. gosh I think it might have been an old friend of mine who lives down there,  Think it was, oh gosh his name has slipped my mind..

Anyway,  I have this fake account who has decided they are in love with Lonnie Quinn and keep knocking on my door.. This is the second attempt..  Like what do I have to do with Lonnie Quinn other than I have him on my twitter account as someone I follow..

Anyway the question is, why would anyone that I might know,  be concerned with Lonnie Quinn?  Who of the Crazy’s  chose me  to harass and prove it by listing other peoples twitters on there as favorites listing my name..  Amazing of all the people on twitter this one claims a major crush on Lonnie Quinn and uses it to Harass me..  Mental.. yea.. Mental case is certainly the word..

So, for those of you who read my blog, do you remember who that is in the crazy group that has this thing for Lonnie Quinn.. I’m sure its not Murt, doubt if Holly has ever taken time to know anything about Lonnie Quinn, not Michelle, or Prinnie  and certainly  not levi.. but we can ask..  Levi do you have a crush on Lonnie Quinn?  if  you do You should contact him yourself and let him know..     So, if anyone out there in twitter world or on the web that loves to read.. and has info on who this crazy might be thats so in love with Lonnie Quinn.. give me a shout out, and we will post it on the blog, and also contact Mr. Quinn and send him copies of the friends request.. Let him and twitter figure it out…..  I’m sure he has had to deal with his share of crazys in the past….

By the way crazy who’s knocking on my door.. you need to with draw it, cause its never coming in..



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