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10 Jul

Now, lets really take a poll..  How many of you out in the internet world know anyone from southern Florida, an how many people from southern Florida post comments on Radionewz..  Well I just found something so odd,

Radio had posted several images under my name.. bottle opener, a glass if wine and a handle for a beer can..

This is where its really gone off the deep end..  I don’t drink beer, it has always given me a severe headache, so thats two wrong..  I occasional drink a glass of wine, but never over two glasses.. See I learned about drinking some 40 years ago.. it makes me sick to my stomach.. So Surprise.. I don’t drink very much ..  Apparently, radio hasn’t learned that lesson yet.  And you can knock off the cougar business..  or maybe you could start referring to yourself as Cheeta?  We know that the finger pointing is your manner of casting blame off on others for your own  Indiscretion ..   But of course this isn’t the primary point for the blog.. its the comments that were made and you didn’t get rid of them in time..  Oh my…

So, lets ask questions…  Class are you ready….

1.  How many of you out there know who “U Know Who” is?

Anyone have any guesses??    Unless you were privy to private information on people  and know what U KNOW WHO is referring to..   And to whom?  Then you might might make a good guess.  But, other than that how many of you out there,  were left in the dark?

2.  How does executioner know who  “U Know Who”  they claim that radio newz is in GA . where do they claim Executioner is from?    Executioner, do you want to explain to us how you know this person??

3.  Does this look like a conversation between two people know who know each other well, and talking to the person who posted the comment about me?  So,  Are  All three of us are aware of each other?  And how would you know if this man was overweight or not?

4.  Executioner you not only know this person but, you know information about this person in his personal financial and Legal World?   How do you know this information?

5.  This person you called Fatty and attempted to disclose personal and legal financial information on apparently you both know each other well..

6.  Yes.. Boys and Girls  the answer to the question.. Who is “U Know Who”,  his name is Mr. E. B, and he was a guest poster on the blog about 2 years ago..   And due to threats against the blog he had to leave the position..






Defamation Law falls under Tort Law. It refers to false statements about a person, communicated as fact to one or more other persons by an individual or entity (such as a person, newspaper, magazine, or political organization), which causes damage and does harm to the target’s reputation and/or standing in the community. Defamation is addressed primarily by state legislation. However, Constitutional Law may also apply, as the right of freedom of speech also extends to certain defamation claims. Defamation is categorized as either Slander or Libel.

The general harm caused by defamation is identified as being ridiculed, shamed, hated, scorned, belittled or held in contempt by others, and lowers him/her in esteem of a reasonably prudent person, due to the communication of the false statement. This tort can result in a lawsuit for damages. Many states have statutes requiring that the allegedly damaged party must first demand a printed retraction of the defamatory statement, before they may proceed to court. If the plaintiff proceeds with a lawsuit without first seeking the retraction or if he/she receives a retraction but proceeds anyway, most states will limit the damages they may pursue to the actual or special damages they experienced, such as loss of employment or wages.


The point being..  For libel to be  in existence, it must be false statements made against another person.

Which means someone has to be making up lies.. Radio are you paying attention..  Posting, untrue statements.

Then something came up on radionewz, where comments were made against a young woman, oh aka Cobras little girl when she went onto the comments at radios and expressed her legal freedom of speech opinion, and she was verbally abused… And here came big sis.. attorney, and she lite into those crazys and threats galore..  And then.. someone showed up who explained to the young miss how illegal it was to throw threats around and threaten lawsuits.   Darn.. if it was illegal for that young woman.. hows come I got threatened .  I still have those you know.. in fact somewhere on this blog is a compiled Post with the threats  still in the context of that post..  Every drop of them..  In fact, thats right I have two…  not just post from threats…

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