Another big night for Radionewz..

09 Jul

There it is, look at the time of  night and you can tell radionewz was  drunk again..  Never fails.. when the radio is putting away that cheap ass wine, it always has to post about it.. yet, it never points the finger inward where it belongs it points at others..   Now realize Radio there is something missing here.. its your link to the hateful comment.. oh, this doesn’t encourage others to go to your site and read.. only back to twitter.. And the question is..  What did I tell you the other day?  what was my direct comment?  You apparently failed to listen.  Apparently you got your ego blown up with that bottle of wine, and stuck yourself in the eye.. Fool that you are this morning.. fool that you were at 10:30 last night..    You know Twitter has the capacity to determine who people really are, they do this with real famous people, not wanna bee’s..  And it might well be time that Twitter is encourage into being used by identified people and no longer allowing fake accounts.  I’m sure you guys have slipped a few into Facebook  oh so cautious, but always lacking just enough that others can tell.. you messed up again.. your little games of wild wild internet west are coming to a close..


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