Lets Put an End to Bull Shit !!

08 Jul

I personally don’t care what Levi claims..  hopefully a right side of the brain functioning properly would be helpful, but doubt that..  And I don’t care what he claims he got from anyone, especially the software..

With knowledge of what the value and cost of software, and the potential need for knowledge and intelligence, I’m so glad people are claiming they have obtained such software..  Could run anywhere from a good three hundred  to several thousand dollars… Plus,  I know that for this type of software, you can’t share.. You are only buying a license to use, not to own, and if they find out its being shared.. well they can take legal action, you see they will have a legal contract with whomever bought it..   So,  if this software license has been purchased, and is being shared with say levi page.. well somebody could get into trouble..

And just so the bots can read and record what we are talking about, so that its photocopied and kept online so that the spy software owners can send out their bots to read and record what the other bots are reading and recording, or could be the same bots..

We are discussing a claim of someone having access to spy software that can read ip address’s on twitter accounts, to prove out who has fake accounts, and this certain person who of course has deleted all of his twits, thinking people can’t do anything with them now..  you guys realize don’t you.. just because you delete it on your account, doesn’t mean its gone forever.. you know twitter has a copy don’t you, and an electronic copy goes to DC into the archives..  This are computers for Christ Sake, not paper copies you only had one copy of.. see this is why I mention having a working right side of the brain..

Another issue.. So, you scan someone’s page and you determine their ip.. Okay, whats ya gonna do with it?

Twitter isn’t going to use it and they have control.. you have no control.. so you have an ip address..  Oddly enough, I know that Levi, and radio and holly  and murt all use proxy.. so whats you gonna do with murts proxy? hell it could have been radio’s proxy ip number last week.  And no, unless you can tear into Cloudflare and determine the rightful ip, you aren’t going anywhere..

You can pull out ip address out your butt all week and you can’t do crap with them.. you have no control, the only thing you claim to fame is obtaining an illegal copy of scanning software from your friend, who probably signed an agreement after paying a heck of a price to obtain it.. will loose the software and the money.. never know they might get legal over the darn thing..

See, all of these programs they refer to as software are not open source code,  so your having to pay a person who knows how to write code, they don’t like hackers cause they could do it themselves, and their in business to make money with their code and it probably has a patent on it..  Like Microsoft.. you don’t share windows, they get really upset over that..

So, my advice is anyone who sells Cyber stalker spyware, that can produce upon scanning a persons ip on twitter, if you want to know who’s got a probable illegal copy of your program, his name is Levi Page, you can find him on twitter and on Facebook.. 

fucking levi


Me, I don’t care what they do.. don’t care if this is a hoax..  Don’t care about the tricks that are played..

I think people need to get up and go to work, put in a good 8 hours and leave the computer alone,  Levi needs to get a job.. this college crap is for the birds.. you go to college online levi?  Who pays for it?   Your not by chance on disability are you ?  Oh My God.. that would be like,  living off the system?

Anyway, lets go back to the point.. What ya gonna do with the ip’s levi?–judge-tells-copyright-troll-in-bittorrent-ca.html

IP address does not identify a person, judge tells

copyright troll in BitTorrent case..

So, Levi tell me.. you and friends are now in charge of twitter.. you grab peoples ip address, and twitter is so happy?  Think not.. good way to get you tossed..   So, what ya gonna do with the ip address? Try to intimidate people?   Levi, I am so sure that I could find someone on the web who has an open source program to pick up ip address’s, like they do on the forums… oh you guys didn’t want people to know that did you, if you belong to the forums, your ip address is recorded and only those in charge can see them.. Your name and your ip address, and your email address.. all on one line..  also if you visit the website, your ip address, your system, browser and where you linked in from is recorded….   But as I said earlier..  murt uses proxy ip, as well levi, radio, holly and who else.. maybe executioner on twitter.. all they need is extra email address’s to get past twitter patrol and TA DA.. fake accounts.   But, if all of you guys are using proxy accounts on your twitter cause your going through CloudFlare, and Proxy sites.. why bother with scanning other peoples IP address?



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