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05 Jul

We have ask and wondered time again, what could cause people to ask as vile as they have within the group referred to without like or concern,  the Crazy’s..   And why would anyone want to join and participate in attempts in causing emotional harm,  harass and even stalk others, sheerly at their own pleasure.  For people to act and participate in a group fashion have serious issues.  Its not a job, its not a normal activity people should participate in, its an emotional cruel need they must  satisfy.  Why, its the part of the person who hasn’t grown up, its that inner child they hide from others who needs constant recognition.  Its part of the syndrome simple referred to as the middle child.  Now, don’t jump up and say.. I’m not the middle child..  you may not be the middle child, but you are the child that was not given the attention it so desperately thought it needed.  You may have been the older child, or you may have been the youngest, or in a line of 5 you could have been 4th or second..  You are still the child who’s desperate need for constant attention,  and you weren’t getting it.  Many people have to have control of situations..  All situations..  Making sure they get what they want first, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants or needs. So your little cyber-stalking group which is the exact terminology to use,  has been joined by a few others  all suffering from the same basic condition.. When they refer to birds of a feather, flocking together.. this is what the issue is all about.


Now just where do I come into this mess?  How did I end up on radionewzblog and website being such a villain?

That is so simple..  You see I showed up on the radio forum to talk to a man named nunzio, and wanted to share info with Ll Papa..  very simple, nothing personal against anyone..  Out of the blue this thing that called itself checkmate came flying into the room, to attack.. why?  This thing had associated me with Tim Holmseth.. How?   One of two reasons, and of course this thing doesn’t listen to reason or truth..

1. Almost a year prior, a document had been sent to TH by Becca, a document she had obtained indirectly.. she was never suppose to have that document, it was created and sent to:

a. FBI

b. FDLE 


d. Attorney NeJames

2. The document was created by a witness who had seen Haleigh Cummings at a convenience store in South Carolina, in a vehicle driven by a woman with reddish blonde hair, and in the back seat with a small little dark Blonde haired little girl, described as Haleigh Cummings, was a tall dark haired man.  Who noted the couple watching him and he pushed his upper body out of the window, scowling at the couple in a threatening manner, an attempt to intimidate them..  Therefore it was a compiled legal affidavit for Law Enforcement.

3. After the Cummings, Sykes, Neves Family situation with misty crumbled in September of 2009, Attorney NeJames gave the document to  Tim Miller, and he took the document back to Putnam County and handed it to Becca.   Who in turn sent it straight away to Tim Holmseth.   Who published it on his website, with witness name, address and phone number.   And thats when the Harassment to the Witness began..   Note: all of this harassment was reported to the Military Police…. It is on file.

4. suddenly on a radio program by Simon Barrett, comments began about this person who sent this document, and it had a 9 and a 15 year old child on the photos and threats were made, all but mentioned my name..  And the photo of the youngest on that list was standing in a bar, rapping with a budweizer sign on the window behind him and if he wasn’t 18 at that time he sure looked it.. I should  have taken a photo of him in Vegas with the other rappers to use, so the age’s given were for shock value and were untrue. The oldest one of that mans son’s had just gotten out of the military the Christmas prior, so we know he was 9 or 15.

You see I had no idea that had been published, because I wasn’t reading on TH website, like all of the crazy’s were.. But not me.. I had to get a message telling me, hey they released the document.   Oh but it was to fall further on my back..  When comments started coming my way, that I was accusing this attorney in florida of kidnapping a child..  I heard that and though, what? where the hell did that come from.. not me..  but it came out again and again, I was this horrid person who had been making these vile accusations..  and I kept saying, no I didn’t.  I never said that, I never wrote that.. I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about..  She’s the only person who ever brought that up or commented about it.

5. I had this twitter conversation back in 2010 with a twitter person named Trinity, and we went into major details, and I told her that I had not sent that document to TH.. I told her the entire story on that twitter account.  And she made a few commentaries to me.

6. The attack that day on radio forum, by checkmate was an accusation that I had sent that conversation with Trinity to Tim Holmseth…   I had not.. I had not sent it to anyone.. still had it in my data base.. The only info that had been sent to Tim, was from ThunderBunny and myself, we had worked on the dispatch script.. you know the script of the officers being sent out to the Cummings house for the 911 call.  That is the only thing we had sent.. but for some reason,  this checkmate needed to point..  Accusations, rudeness, cruelty, hate.. of all are still abundant in the letter it had posted on radio.. I still have..  What really is a terrible shame,  the other posters that day, such as LLPapa, decided the shit that was posted against me as an absolute truth.. Just Because..  This was suppose to be one of  LLPapa’s  finest..  oddly enough.. that duck is not Timmie !!!   Now your friend can thank you for this one.. you put her in it..



And the Abyss comes from a chapter in the book..

Chapter 37..  Actually its rather suiting, since it does deal with the sighting of Haleigh on April 26th, 2009

which of course is explained in the document shown Below, and the police report we have discussed before, taken from that same night… the sighting was at 6:30pm and the Haleighbug incidence occurred at 12:00midnight.. just 5 hours and 30 minutes later..   And you know what the big problem with that timeline is..  check the map below….. travel time from point a. to point b. 4 hours and 10 minutes.   So the biggest bone of contention is, and one of the reasons for all the hell thats been cast and paid..  is the one question they don’t want answered.. But someday it will be……   Was Haleigh Cummings in Satsuma, Florida on April 26 -27, 2009.  Remember on April 27th,  cobra went to Hank Jr and Lindsay Croslin and told them.. If you can get Misty to admit she was not at the House the night Haleigh went missing, we can bring Haleigh home from Georgia..  Got a police report on that…..  Just hours prior,  Cobra and Sarah Sheffield had a fight, where he said to her,  they should drop Haleigh off  at a McDonald’s..  Sarah Swung at Cobra and hit the wall hurting her wrist….



7. And based it all on the trinity twitter..  Well, Bunny had confided in me, before we stopped talking or communicating..  She told me exactly who trinity was on twitter. And why Checkmate would have access to the information in that twitter conversation, enough to be concerned with it..  All of this was in Checkmates mind.

8. It hasn’t stopped since then.. This is why the hate thrown out by radio.. this is why Levi is so vile and makes such hateful comments.  This is why people like Linda jump on the bank wagon..  This is why there are fake accounts who blast hate, sexual innuendo and constantly bellow out my association with Tim Holmseth.

9. The Hate towards Tim Holmseth, belongs to only one person, and only that one person should be the only person that deals with Tim on any of the issues involved.. Does not need a group of stalkers and haters to go after him.  And anything that person needs to say to Tim Holmseth should be to Tim Holmseth directly and not behind an avatar or someone else writing a blog, like levi, or Murt or radio.

10. I am still waiting for apologies for the libel and slander that I had undergone the last 4 years.. I did not deserve the abuse and hate that has been thrown at me, because they assumed I had done something.. they had assumed I had said something. Assumed.. we all know what assumed means.  So, the next time you want to slander someone,  you need to stop and think..  Am I doing the right thing here..  are the stories told about this person the truth or are they an assumption..    This will all come to an end..

11.  Well the Just Because was wrong..   Papa you went after an innocent person..  Just Because..  You were As wrong as wrong could possible be and to this date you still are, shame on you.. you put up photos, and little videos.. oh you were so proud of yourself, just like a 14 year old child who had to stand with his friends.

Well You certainly don’t want people to make undo decisions about who you are or what you’ve done in life.. but its okay for you to do so. Shame on you people..   Now go back through many of my comments and find how many of my comments were defending the family of Tim Holmseth, his children.. against those who posted his Parents Phone Number.   You people saw nothing wrong in the harm caused to his family, as if they deserved your waft because your friend didn’t like Tim. So,  punish his family.. you became a group of hate mongers.  I call none of you friend..  I would never allow one of you people near my family or home.. You cannot be trusted because of the evil in your hearts and minds.  Hypocrites all..  And all stalkers.. 

—  Now, for  all of you that pen my name on twitter..  why don’t you take time to want to know if the shit you’ve been told is true or not.. Why don’t you ask me..  You see I have no reason to lie to you,  nor do I have any reason to hide info from you,  so ask, and I will tell you what I have said or done, and what I haven’t..

— I have one twitter account.  98% of the Crazy’s are blocked, and also my twitter account is private.

I advise each one of you.. you bring up my name in a libelous or detrimental comment on twitter, you post my photo or a photo with my name or referenced to it..

I will report you to twitter support. I will continue reporting you until you are removed from twitter.

Therefore I say..  Leave me alone, take your insanity somewhere else..  Astro fake account..  I will check out each and every comment you have with my name on it and it will be reported..  Heads up people..

The games have come to an end……  And by the way, did you not realize that some of the shit I fed Murt.. I wanted you to know…   as smart as you think you are, you still have your head up your ass…  I knew exactly what I was saying at any given point..   You didn’t think that I knew murt was sent..   Come on,  he was sent with the first threat..  and wasn’t far from the second..  I can post copies of each one of the threats..   

So, for the crime I was accused and have been sound punished for since 2009..  Lets go straight to the document in question and you make up your own mind..    Now, if this isn’t enough for you.. I can always post the trinity conversation, and you can read it and determine who says what..  And then tell me why I would have sent this to TH..  Actually, had I been friends with him at the time.. I wouldn’t have sent it to him, because it would have hurt his feelings..  Because, I explained that I had not sent him this document, that I had not given permission to post any of the info, that I had not encouraged it, and I was upset that the victims name, address and phone number was wide ass open… and that should never have been released.. don’t believe me..  I can prove those comments…   Now what does this boil down to?  the person who hates me so badly, that you people go after me because of .. knew the truth from the day  all was posted with trinity.  Knew, I had not sent this document, and who had..    If you can’t read these well enough.. go bye the book..  you might learn something.. 

















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