Its time for a New Name..

04 Jul

The flying dutch-man on the rocket, which apparently this  fake account person finds attractive and sexy, doesn’t have the comprehension to realize it looks really trashy, nasty.. Not impressive at all.. Thats where the new name comes in from Astro to AstroTrashy. But most of the fake accounts have that same appearance. Several years ago, I thought it was done for shock value, but after the sexual comments thrown out recently by fake people like radio, astrotrashy and a few others, I began to realize .. hey someone out there in twitter land has major problems.. probably been going on since childhood..

I’ve seen this type of behavior before on the streets.. And most of the time there is an addiction entering into it..

anyway, AstroTrashy got her batwings up and decided to post what little of its fake mind it can share and began giving out orders.. You might think its a Police Sgt, with those orders. First question I would have for Trashy.. What porn site did you get your woman riding a rocket? Second, don’t they refer more to dogs having rockets than typical males? third question, who put your sorry ass in charge of telling people what to do?
fifth, why don’t you encourage yourself and the other fake accounts your involved in, along with the original and advise yourselves to just go away.. no one cares.. your not important.. leave us out of your conversations.. Sixth.. you never know when I’m gonna come up with something that just blows you out of the water.. Why, well you see.. you just never know.. what I know.. how long I’ve known it.. and what my intents are with it.. And Seventh, do you really need all of those fake accounts? It really takes a fat assed, big mouth female to hide behind all of those fake twitter accounts.. No one to be proud of, thats for certain..

Also note the usage of the .@ on the post.. And I must remind you AstroTrashy, legally as a fake account, attempting to use another persons identity, which you do realize is illegal, since you don’t exist.. your demands would be laughed at.. But I am sure that the judge will very much like to discuss Identity thief with you.. And it will be with the original person who hides behind all of these mask.. By the way, did you set up the fake account MLee? Since I didn’t and no one uses it.. I imagine it was you..Lets see, SE fake account, KS fake account, MLee fake account..



Now, AstroTrashy.. you need to explain why my finding information and posting it from the past, because I haven’t posted anything from the present.. now have I?

How would this cause anyone to be physically harmed, do you have insight on this info that I don’t?   And any time, fake account that you wish to find me.. come ahead,  and we will meet down in the local SO..  Come ahead..  Would you like to meet in Va,

Friedlander, Friedlander & Earman, P.C. And lets talk to Susan Earman, Attorney at Law, and you explain to her how you have the same name?  And setting on Twitter threatening people..

Now, explain this physical harm business..  You people put yourselves out there, attacking others and then you.. Trashy point a finger at me?  You see Trashy, I don’t set on twitter, wishing harm to others, nor do I set on twitter wishing obits about someone.. Thats you dumbass.. and we know its you.. so don’t throw that physical harm at me.. you put yourself on the line with your own trashy business.. no one else’s fault but yours..  ScreenShot1088


While your making threats.. remember you are harassing  threatening and stalking me..  All for a good show right fake account.

Oh my.. I just pulled up a few old post on radionewz.. and this one caught my eye..  Not going to repost it, but here’s the link..

Radio running rampid?  Rephrase that.. Radio Mouth running rampid?  AstroTrashy you need to shut your twitter down…


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