Don’t you love People’s Phrases ?

04 Jul

You must admit, people have a tendency to have and use special phrases, and terminology..  Like using the Term  Ciao..   Italian for Goodbye..  A few people like using the term,  others make a habit. Much like my bad habit of double periods on the end of sentences, that is a tall tale sign, a habit that you would know its me writing the sentence.. my habit..  So, how many use the term Ciao?

I had radio use that term with me last week or so..  Ciao.. and I replied that if she actually meant Ciao she would be going away..  like close radionewzblog and site down.

Well, you how I am, always milling through and reading peoples info, and checking out their photos.. lives are told in photographs..  And I found another person,  close to radio that also uses the term,  oddly enough it was in the passing of a person, but to each his own..  So, I wonder if possible radio was mimicking this person or what made her decide to start, or is it start using the term…. CIAO….  A minor attempt to show or impress upon people a bit  of sophistication?  Yea.. ok..  Trust me, with this group you fit in just right.. Sophistication? with  a straw vented cowboy hat, sunglasses and a silver bracelet in a teenagers pool?  Impressive..

“Ciao George, you will be missed. ”

By the way Linda Ole girl..  I didn’t overlook the photo you posted and attached my name to it.. Lets put it like this..  You must of been thinking about your own tacky ass, did you have someone take the photo of  you so you could post it and label that photo with my name, and since you don’t know me, and had no idea what my ass looked like, but now you do..   I don’t dress like a hooker, or a 20 year old.. I anticipate as the years have tacked on, people should dress and look appropriate.. And you should either privatize your account, or take your family member photos off..

we have never posted together.. and your really a piece of work,  jumped right into the group did you.. You must be  the hag troll I’ve  heard about from NJ?  No.. your not that troll..  I just found the sweet little face of  “Loki”.

Your running with the wrong crowd, and apparently not enough common sense to know they will turn on you, and exploit your life in front of your eyes..  Me, I blocked you already..  So there you go.. Ciao !!



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