Exercise in Futility..

03 Jul

For a number of years we have noted the fake accounts on appearance, they throw out vile, harassing comments.. I’ve always watched for an oddity in their postings, especially to what I believe is truly itself.. And its appeared..
1. watch for # hash marks instead of @ ..
2. note that when a fake twitter poster talks to any particular person they really don’t want the comment to appear elsewhere.. So this is how they address it. .@astro_x the period prior to the @ sign stops the comment from being sent.. you could use any marking, such as ,@astro_x.. talk to the fake account all day long, or the fake account could talk to you all day long.. as long as they have inserted that particular little thing to stop the actual twit to go forth. @astro_x twit’s this way constantly, thats why there never is a reply nor does it show up in comments..
3. gotta work these accounts and determine if there really is a conversation going on, its very misleading.. So, when I tell you that @astro_x is @radionewzblog you might give that a great deal of thought..

So, watch for the signs.. they are there.. Tell Murt that is a heck of a Go Pro Camera he has there.. He talked about one, but he never mentioned he got one.. must be recent, or he would have had it out playing with it sooner.. you know how it is.. boys and their toys versus men and their toys.. only difference is the cost of the toys..

I checked out the three basic models.. looks like a good camera for the price..

I’ve got this thing for wide lenses, and telephoto.. And if your lucky enough to buy a particular brand or set.. you can use those lenses for both SLR Film or SLR Digital..
I still love Film photos.. just takes more skill and knowledge of film speed.. I really prefer 400 speed, but I know that you can photograph in the dark without much lighting using 1000 speed.

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