Execution.. as usual you are a Nasty Serpent ..

01 Jul

So, Thunder-Bunny was suppose to do a tell all..  Hmm, haven’t talked to the Bunny in over a year,  yep its when I changed my phone number, and I accidentally got her caught up in the maze of text sending out the number..   I wasn’t happy that she immediately turned and called Levi and gave him the info, but not the number.. Of course those of us who had been attached to Bunny and unaware of her continued support of those I refer to as the Crazy’s.. which without doubt include the Serpent aka executioner..

And I do believe that since the bunny as my grandchildren called her, still has my email address.. if she wanted to tell me to Fuck Off, Serpent, she knows how to reach me.. And she’s also woman enough not to hide behind fake names and radionewz, she would contact me herself, with her own identity and tell me to Fuck off..  Too bad your not near the woman.. that Bunny is.  And I can assure you of several others things, she’s a hard worker, and a good Mother… somehow she must managed to get messed up with you trashy things.

So, there’s your message back..  In fact, you can tell her to come read the blog..  And I will tell her myself..

ThunderBunny, if you have a message for me.. don’t hesitate.. you can contact me yourself as the strong, intelligent and normal woman that I knew, and tell me yourself.. You don’t have to send anything by that trashy serpent..

See this is the very odd thing that I still don’t understand.. Bunny was very close to Pirate, very close friends..  Especially after the feud..  That was a very big leap from one side to the other, unless there was no lead.. it was always on the other side, and we along with Pirate were infiltrated.  I guess we shall never know..   As the wise attorney said..  “Lay down with fleas and you get the horns”, or rephrasing it just a bit.. “You lie down with Mangy Dogs – you end up with Mange”..  Or “you hang with Serpents, you better bring a hoe”.  Right executioner.. You slimy serpent you..   Ole fan head….



I saw radio hiding behind the tree….


One thing you have to be careful of, is what you ask for or what you wish for, you never know.. you just might get it..

Oh yes, one of your fake accounts was talking about going after a bit of sex with Ace….. hate to tell you but the boy is out for the summer..  just don’t know where he is, but the last time he was offered sex with one of you, he declined..  he may not act or talk like he might be picky.. but the boy is..  when it comes to the Crazy’s..




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