Radio.. you aren’t too smart. REVISED !!!

29 Jun

A good one to talk aren’t you about posting personal information on people..  You think just because some shares the name Mary Lee that it’s gong to be me.. Do you have any idea how many Mary Lee’s there is in NC.. of course not..  There are several thousand.. You posted peoples names and a photo of their home, copies of social security numbers, phone numbers, dates of birth and school info, Each time you hit a blank in posting my info..  even being aware that I had no husband, yet you did posted the mans info anyway..

just like you posted all of that hate on the blog about the people in Ohio.. and wasn’t there an attorney and a prosecutor you just tore to shreds.. and even posted that YouTube video of the assault victim.. Oh my aren’t you one to talk radio..  You don’t want people to think I even might know what I’m talking about, and when I post what I do, its right on the money and you start going into a tizzy..  And by the way.. we already know that Radio and Astro are the same person so your setting on radionewz talking to yourself, quite impressive…   So, when did the Astro id come up, it started out on Radio’s forum as Traveler…

Now let me give you a lesson on Google real fast.. Google is a search engine.. Search engines send out bots.. those robots take photo copies of websites with info.. And can I trust Google photo copies of whois, who is the account server that millions of people trust to maintain their domain information.. are you serious?  Your just trying to pull the wool… and I don’t bite..  Anyone with any knowledge of the internet system knows your being ignorant..

Oh so now your going to threaten me through Astro..  Gosh what was it a year ago, when Cobra’s Attorney Daughter came on radionewz and threatened to sue you people, who was it that jumped in and landed smack in the middle of the young woman and reminded her that its illegal to threaten people online?  So, as Astro your threatening me radio..   Telling me to shut up.. Apparently you people still have a problem with “Constitutional Rights ” of others..  And you plan on violating my rights of freedom of speech? Hiding behind the Astro cover just doesn’t work……




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