radio such a disappointment..

29 Jun

You know for someone who suppose to own and operate a website, you really don’t make much sense..  And there is no doubt you have someone to do the geek working for you..  Yes, Radio..  There are 4 different locations…….

1. began in Leland, NC… 

2. list as being in Leland, NC but on the provider Cheap-names… 

3. In September of 2012 you moved it all to Houston Texas and put it on a different server..

4. came about when you become involved in the crap in Ohio, and running your fingers to the bone, posting victims images, talking about the families, defending Prinnie  getting donations for Prinnie . beating up and harassing people, so by the first of the year 2013 you put the site on foreign soil.. shows up in what Germany, you have the Whois in Panama, and you started with, to add speed, and protection and listed on the proxy server.. 

So don’t set there and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about..  because I don’t need to hire a geek to take care of my computers, handle them quite well myself..  and can write my own webpages…. run my own website.. been there done that..

And lastly.. No hate to disappoint you.. but Murt is younger than I, he is a male.. I am a female.. and you really don’t need anymore meds tonight nor wine….. slow down .. 








Oddly enough, stored with the radionewz and reddios info.. was this one for  and I wonder..  things don’t just need to be found.. I had a reason for grabbing it.. we shall see.. 


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