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29 Jun

Sorry radio, haven’t had time to find that first copy yet.. probably still on the other computer.. will dig it up for you.. but I did come across a couple of things.. I though you might be interested in, and wanted to ask..

Are these three the same person?



I do remember a truthseeker  was around,  Image

When your going back through old files you find so many interesting things to look at.

I hope by now you’ve figured it out.. that because the wire transfer came from Casa De Cambio

And that when casey began to loose stock, probably she owned stock in the Disney Corp. and it probably was during the time when the economy began to fall.. many people I know of lost money on stock during that time, and on retirement funding.. Thats when the  foreclosures began.

» Caylee Anthony – The Money Trail (part 4) – Blogger News Network// //

truthseeker said,
in April 29th, 2009 at 1:25 am

I clicked on READ THIS above…and went to the document…

Remember Cindy Anthony…FBI interview #5 on 7/30/08…

She talks about the family computer…and how Casey changes the passwords on the individual passwords…

She said when you go on the home computer…you have to enter the family password to get to the individual passwords…

The Anthony family password is Casa de Anthony….

On page 8 of this document…

The money transfers were wired from Casa de Cambio from Tamibe and Puebla, Mexico

Casa de Cambio
Casa de Anthony

Those Casa’s sound close…hmmmm

Maybe Casey’s Timer55 is a dollar amount for $55,000.00
Most of the money transfers from Casa de Cambio is in the $50,000.00 range

Cindy also said in this same FBI interview…that Casey lost a lot of money in the stocks in December 2007 and January 2008…

Now where in the world did Casey get that kind of money…to lose in the stocks….????

I hope that the LE has looked at the same things here…hmmm


oh yes.. Astro.. don’t want to forget about Astro…..
The original Astro started out as Traveler remember….


Well then, someone one created Astro Sucks…. Is the current astro and the prior astro the same person.. No.. in fact I would certainly think Astro Sucks and the current astro are the same, which looks at you — radio… wow..

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