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28 Jun

You know I miss being able to tease around with Judy F. when she was radio.. I could call her rodeo all day.. we had a good time, and you sent her packing back to Arizona.. Jeez all the horse stories we threw back and forth.. thats what happens when you create a rapport with someone and then you get rid of them..  Any way wanted to fill you in.. I haven’t gone to far, I’ve just been real busy had things here to do at the house, things we don’t share in doing to make the house more presentable.. like cleaning and laundry.. and I made another bracelet, and talked to a good friend for a good 15 -20 minutes and watched a movie.. So I didn’t get a chance to find the info I was looking for on now I did find the report on and it does list LeLand, NC where the Server was located.. You know it sometimes takes a bit of digging to go through all of this stuff.  Anyway.. at least at this point, I can point out the server was in Leland.. :@)  I did high-lite the area for LeLand, make it easier to see. K? I knew you had been waiting all day for me to post, and I just didn’t want to make you wait any longer, so I hope this satisfies you for awhile.. I’ll look for the data after dinner..


Here, I’ll share a photo of my latest little venture..  As you can tell I haven’t gotten the clear glass hearts to put in yet.. don’t you love turquoise.. And I did put the Cameos together yesterday.


Oh darn I forgot to remind you.. I had my year anniversary yesterday.. I’m smoke free for a year, which means my hair and breath doesn’t smell like an ashtray.. I’m a whole year FREE.. :@)
your not smoking in the house are you?? I hope not..

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