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I do not expect this current radio to understand ratio’s or stats for a website..  There might be others that find this interesting..  The estimated number of live working websites is 989,079,086, absolutely amazing numbers..  Now, of all of these websites you find that most people purchase a domain that means something to them, and park their domains in a location, that generally is reasonable in price..  And are proud of their websites, and want people to know thats theirs..  Now, it hides identities..  Only people who have something to hide, hide from others.. Criminals in the dark..   Always said there is nothing in the dark that isn’t there in the light, they just have the ability to hide better in the shadows.. But, cops learn fast, they can also hide better in the shadows..  Always there, Always watching..  Call it KARMA..

We have already discussed the cost of this site.. I know that went straight over radios head.. or did the rest of you notice too..

The point that I am making is.. a great majority of these websites have the owner’s name protected by whois.. This is a system they started a number of years ago, out of owners needing protection from the Crazy’s..  but today the Crazy’s have figured out how to become vile, and abusive and use the same protective system to attempt to avoid law suits and law enforcement.  This is what Radionewz did, not only did they have US whois in the beginning, which are mandated by US Laws, so their rules and regulations follow suit..  And sending a subpoena to them normally obtains results..  Well, radionewz went further than this for protection, to keep people and the law from finding out who the owner was and is, by taking the whois off shore to panama, and the website space provider overseas.. Then to the point of obtaining an account for speed and protection from Cloud Flare  which also provides the PROXY accounts..   So, note how far the owner of radionewz had to go to hide from the law… thats exactly what its doing, and the owner is not that smart to do this on their own, I’m sure they have a geek hanging around somewhere.. You know what they say, you find your self a computer geek, stock the house with juice boxes and corn chips and your good to go..  So, there’s your brain homework for the day.. think about why radionewz should fear being found out by the  Law.. Authorities.. Attorneys..  its called lawsuits, and Arrest for harassment, cyber stalking, threats,  Think about it..

1. Acts deliberately, and then covers its tracks.

2. Terrified to be found out.. too much too loose.

3. Has been able to afford the expense.

4. You know its not the fill in Radio’s, why should they pay for something they didn’t start..

5. I do believe, once you buy a domain, it stays registered with the same location that you purchased it, which means you pay that same company to keep the domain.. And that would be Go Daddy..

6. You know the last big scare that came across radios bow, a phone call was made to the registrar in Panama telling them that radionewz was being harassed by people, and they needed to be aware, to stop an subpoenas from going through.. And it seems that registrar is a bit difficult to go through anyway, but found out with a few peso’s.. its easier than you think..

7. Now let me think.. was radionewzblog on the subpoena list that Doug Roberts went after back in 2011.  The subpoena got shot down although, there was justification to obtain it, since the case involved was on Holmseth, and Holmseth was being attacked even worse than Cobra and Roberts.. So, if Roberts had fought for that Subpoena on the basis that the twitter attacks did involve Holmseth, I do think radio would have been identified back in what November 2011..


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