Radio.. The fake South African Citizen..

26 Jun

I don’t know, did murt make that up for you..  We know exactly who you are radio..  We also know who owns, and who cleans it up when it turns into a mess, which is usual for you and your crap..   I see a attorney from Ohio on twitter, and wonder,  I’m sure he has a reason for being there.. you trying to clean up your act a bit?  So, to answer your question .. Nope it doesn’t bother me at know, trying to find out who you are?  That is quite redundant on your part.. So its you that should be bothered..  You really have absolutely no idea just what I do know..  I guess you’ve forgotten, I do have a habit of setting on info for quite some time..

So the Lion is going to frighten me?  You might think your a lion, but we both know more like a monkeys ass to be truthful.  I keep reminding you of Karma..  And you just aren’t smart enough to see it coming.

Dumb ass, that attorney is not coming into twitter and throwing a few cryptic remarks around for no reason.. He’s without doubt,  there for a reason..  If he ask.. I’ll be happy to share anything I might have.. advising him, that what he might be looking for, heck it could be down in the archives of  you know you couldn’t mind your own business, you had to be nasty, rude, cruel and harass all of  those poor people up in Ohio.. And collect donations that went for Prinnies legal fees??  I remember something about fried green tomatoes taking it over a million?  Must have been kidding right?  That DJ..

One thing about Lawyers and Ohio.. they don’t go away just because you think you can manipulate or con them.. Ah this might be very interesting.. gonna keep an eye on it for awhile..

So, how many people know exactly who you are Radio? I have in the past and will always in the future.. see you as a wolf in sheep’s clothing..  I can see the time when people began to realize what this is all about, and stop and wonder.. why am I involved?

I’m not involved with any of those issues.. and finally turn and  tell you, to STFU – FUOB..



Oh yes, you might have chosen the wrong symbols…..Image


We already know that what you project is absolute BS…..  So, again I tell you.. Stick it !!

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