Oh Let’s Talk About Enabling People..

26 Jun

Radio, are you serious thats a topic you want to have brought up..  Now, we know without doubt you are one of probably 4 people.. There is no individual who has a name that calls its self Radio too on a constant basis.. We’ve already identified, Joyce, Altha and Judy.. So.. who are you today.. lets see you could be Holly, or Levi, or the guest .. snort snort.. or the owner…..  So, what shall we call you..  

Now, enabling a person is generally considered protecting a person who is causing harm to themselves, such as Drinking, doing drugs, living to eat, which is the reason for the pudgy  gambling, smoking.. committing themselves to ventures that cause themselves harm.. So, you need to go back and change your terminology, or is this another sling of dirt you have to throw out because sticks so heavy in your mind..  Your life.. you projection onto others.  

Now if you really mean’t  Ciao!! ~~~  you would close the, which would take the radio blog and twitter and just go the hell away…..  Do you really think you would be missed..  think about it.. people want you to stay to feed their obsessions?  I think not, they have enough room on the web to create their own..   

How many times have you gone after me and posted innocent peoples names?  How many times have you posted information about me that was an absolute lie.. How many times have you posted info about my family?  Think back how many times you have violated the sanctity of my life and family, and those that I have nothing to do with other than sharing a last name..  And you have been so blessed that I have left yours alone.. Not because I had to.. not because I don’t already have information.. I chose to do so because thats the right thing to do..  Oddly enough, you crazy’s pulled out the info on Holly’s daughter and broad-casted it..  you put info on Holly’s husband.. and out it came..  you’ve gone to odds with Prinnie and posted crap on her, and Brinna you have torn up, her parents, husband, and if we look we might find out you tore up her dog.. you put out information on levi, and on others you claim is a bff..  And this is okay?  Look what you do to Murt, and apparently he allows it..  You’ve created such a pattern that its amazing, next week I won’t be surprised if you have badme and Pirate on your blog as the closest friends you’ve ever had.. Twist and turns, lies and make believe.. the world you live in is a swirling mess of nothingness..  Nothing you post is believable..  And something tells me, that Ohio is not through with you yet, now are they?  

So what more do you wish to continue fussing about..  bottom line pet..  AP graduated from HS in what 2011.. So, Levi how much older are you than he?  You want to keep going with this..  you want to convince me that levi was barely 18 in 2008.. well if he was on Websleuths in 2004 then he was 14 years old, and that means somebody was lying to somebody, and somebody was allowing a minor to become involved in adult conversations and encouraging it..  Can’t have it both ways, evidence speaks for itself, so what are you guys trying to hide and cover up..  you can’t  hide this, and you can’t cover it up.. so whats so important about Levi’s age..  

So, the next question is.. Does Levi’s Family know how bad he mistreats people, how close he has come to getting his sorry self into major trouble?  You cannot mistreat people in this world and walk away..  This is the truth, a reality and your in denial..  People, type in the URL and see what comes up.. and probably there is a great deal more…. when I get time, I’ll look for more and post it..Image


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