radio brain shedded

23 Jun

radio, astro didn’t stop liking you because she like someone else.. your brain is fried..  thats the story that was put out about badme, and her blowup.. because she didn’t like her bff liking you..  Hey, I’m older and my mind is much clearer than yours.. you better have that checked..

See Astro claimed she didn’t like you because, you were harassing and stalking her.. That you called in a fake gas leak to the PD in Anderson, Sc just after she entered the hotel, and apparently you had used an AP on your phone because the call showed up having been made from Astro’s cell phone number. Ta Da.. criminal act 105….   Oh was that like TH getting a call from Baez office, or the huddle house in Putnam County?

I don’t twit.. because I don’t want your garbage on my twitter account, and I like being private.. and I like having your sorry backside blocked. 


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