Oh My .. Stats are Flying High

23 Jun

Can one even begin to imagine, people are reading.. why because Radio has put me on the map this weekend.  Now, in her unintentionally mannerism radio was pointing out how I sounded on a voice aspect some years back on a radio show. Apparently she could hear the Grandmother in my voice.. Lord I do hope so, been working on being a Grandmother now for over 20 years.  Seriously you want to conclude what I speak of as odd, when radio has been riddled with verbal atrocities against people for over a week, not even considered soft porn, its just plain damn vulgar, full of harassment.  Oddly enough, look over at Yancy faith this morning, murt mentioned she was dealing with a fake account, but the conversation on her side alone is questionable.. now yancy faith sounds like radio did a few days ago with her sexual commentaries.. must be contagious..

I did want to remind yesterday and todays version of radio.. if you can’t comprehend what I am referring to, or the display of images is telling you, then your comprehension is off and you probably need a dose of meds.. which I’m sure you can handle that one..

Now, the aspect of who knew who in what 2009.. give me a break.. First of all, there was a whole crew of crazys on web-sleuth  before the lets throw pirate to the wolves business. Radio was coping Kim Picazios post from Websleuths and posting them on Art Harris Forum, and when the objections came to the issues on the posting, radio claimed real fast, 1. she was giving credit, 2. she wasn’t responsible for the content, 3. Thanking 2Spunky for deleting the information.. So, just from that alone we know, who was on websleuths between these two..


we also know that Levi had been on Websleuths since 2004…..  Yea, seen his first posting..

we certainly have discussion over Levi in December 2008.. too easy to prove.  you ready for this one??? No, don’t know what they were referring to.. odd..  but what was this about a radio show?? and the dating on the post.. Sunday December 21, 2008.  And as of 2009 people would not know who levi is??



And of course Murt has stated, here radio is again hiding.. thats not unusual.. this weeks radio has a different method of addressing issues rather than the last.. it seems like the vulgar – sexually oriented radio has switched fake accounts, gone from radio to Yancy faith, but who was posting as radio on Sunday? Remembering my voice..   See ya.. its a Monday.. things to do.. people to see.. Coffee to drink..  Thats just what I have to do while radio aka Yancy is cleaning out her mouth and attitude, and this new radio takes her meds.

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