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22 Jun

To answer your question there “pet”  Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio…… and it was a bx on base..

You bet I have the mouth of a sailor.. the difference between me and the dark one.. I know how to use it and when not to use it, with  a lot more practice !!!

Radionewz was originally established during a missing child case..  And people were lead to believe that there was a valid interest that could come from radionewz blog and forum, showing concern for the family and for the loss of a children or children.

As expected it was and still is a fake, a phony, just people who are trying to run a website to obtain a bit of funding for to pay for the accounts it has.. you do realize there are accounts to be paid to keep that site up and running.

1. there are 4 domains attached to the account, each require a payment either once a year, once every 2 years or up to 5 years.

2. there is the Monthly payment to the Service Provider.

3. there is the yearly provider to maintain a hidden and secure ownership to whois in panama.

4. there is a monthly payment to Cloudflare to secure, transmit and summit through Proxy accounts.

So knowing that the site is not a freebie  someone has to be paying the bills..  Now you know Levi’s mommy and daddy aren’t paying, and you know there have been three other established people who played radio aka reddios, and then went on their merry way, and holly folly isn’t going to be the owner, I doubt if she could come anywhere close to paying this amount that needs to go out. So, that leaves people that can be conned into posting, and of course the owner itself, who’s paying the bill. And we all know its done by card. You know some of them just won’t take a debit card or a walmart card, they require an actual credit card..

Now, much depends on what agreement was gone into to use a server say overseas.. It could be inexpensive or maybe not.. so lets go with an estimated.. 10.00 per month, which is I would think average.. 120.00 a year. now Cloudflare is about 5.00 per domain, so we are looking at about 20.00 per month, and thats 140.00.  so we are up to 260.00.. this is access only. To keep it private is about 10.00 a year I would think, so its 270.00.  Now, the domains. I think its looking at least 15.00 dollars a year times 4 x 2 for two years, another 120.00.. Round it off at about 350.00 for one year.. or about 660.00 for two…  And the way to keep pennies trickling in, is to advertise or to sell the post on Amazon kindle.. which of course means you really have to post something, and as you can tell someone with a very sick disposition thinks they are selling porn..

Now, lets go back to the original purpose of radionewz, it wasn’t to abuse people now was it.. it was to stay aware of the issues developing on a missing child, one Haleigh Cummings.  Whatever reason the need to remain up to date and involved with what might be learned or developed, radionewz was right at hand..  Now in blog form, it began to show the dark side, the actually first person who wrote on the blog was rather easy going,  But, the dark side began the fall of 2009, when truth about the fake search began to leak out. The person with the dark side developed a character named Gunny and began posting articles on We all at that point should have realized that who ever the dark side was, would manage to aways have the option of using the blog, forum, or now the website at will.  The dark side person didn’t like the fact that an older woman named Judy, owner of the search dog Gunny would stand before the world and tell the truth about the search..  The search actually had only one purpose, muddled with items they claimed to find, muddled by a man smacking gunny’s leash with a machete  actually cutting into the leash to keep gunny out of an area that he claimed the dog shouldn’t go into.  Stop of just a moment and think..  Here you have a tiny older woman with a bad knee, who was called and ask to bring her dog down to use for the search, free of charge mind you..  And then you have this man making all of these claims, as an fbi agent, and then when her dog goes to enter a brush area, the man hits at the dog with the machete and catches the leash.. Now, you tell me you wouldn’t get upset..  oddly enough, on a second trip Judy went into the brush herself and what did she find, toys, a broken doll house, looked like cast off old toys oddly enough.  Now did this Ole man know these toys had been hidden under the brush?

Anyway, that is the lady and her dog, this dark side character decided to tear up on radionewz acting as the gunny character . yet in those conversations as gunny, the purpose for this character and articles were to intimidate this older woman, and embarrass her. Truly a very sorry thing to do, of course we are all aware of what the dark one thinks is humor. See things haven’t changed much has been used as a battering ram of cyber abuse now for quite sometime. Ah but as time flies, things change..

Now, lets really look into the depth of this site and the people who linger around it.. Most of you have been drawn in by crisis in someones family, a child gone missing, a murder child, a young girl molested / raped.. the horrors that tear down the very fabric of a family, and what does this website, blog relish in.. Causing more pain to these families, abusing them, exploiting them.. posting photos, and images of victims, of innocent children,  one must ask.. what is this vile sickness..  for these characters to use these families and their heartbreak to benefit from, to gain attention.. For others to come flying in to add their comments of cruel and demeaning filth. And cannot see nor do they wish to see how horrid this site truly is..  All should hang your heads in shame.. because each one of you at one time or the other has been or will be a victim from these people..

A suggestion of possible McKee or Prinnie was made as a possible idea of who was putting all of the sexual innuendo and demeaning characters..  My reply, its not either one. They have no reason to act or speak in such a manner, no attack has gone to them, and both require a major attack to come flying out, and both same their issues for Murt.  There are only two people and I use the term people lightly, since neither one I deem as a real human person with a heart or soul..  And isn’t it amazing they would both use the same website blog as a sounding board of vulgarity and pornography.  Of course I hate to tell you how many company rules the site has been violating..  And posting photos stolen from other peoples websites and blogs.

This is my take on the person who’s been writing their tales of woe and reflecting their own life off on others..  In short what you are reading on radionewz, that is implying sexual acts and behaviors, is in the mind of a very sick person, casting and reflecting. They have no sex life, they want one to the point of desperation, and its their hate directed they use this blasting to reflect.  Apparently, this is what they want to be occurring.. but it isn’t..   Problem is, this has occurred to many times before, it has become a pattern, a see through veil that really opens up the door to who is setting back trying to compile their sick mental thoughts onto a blackberry that post on radionewzblog  This is my take on this very sick individual..

“As far as the depraved person with the innuendo desperation of throwing muck..  This one does it on radio because it is part of its illness. It wants others to look as bad in the public eye as it knows it is inside itself.  This is a very sick, very mental unstable person.. Addictions are part of its life, narcissism it suffers from greatly, to the point I wonder if it is bi polar.  the highs are too high, the lows to the deepest part of darkness.  Right now, it has to cast its hate off on others.. thats the only way it can exist..  The darkness right now must be closing in on it, and no one can nor would they want to stop that darkness.. this one creates its own hell right here on earth.. And this is what this one really thinks of itself, its needs and its world. Pure hate..   One has to wonder if this adult acts out this badly, what was it like as a child or a teenager.. didn’t get enough attention? spoiled? Molested? Can never be a real person, it always has to be a figment to impress others.  Out-Patient Therapy wouldn’t help, why, cause it would try to trick the doctor, manipulate and control. It needs hospitalization..  As it gets worse with these verbal assaults, the depression is setting in..  How deep will the depression go?  Depends on the situation this unstable creature is in,  if it can’t find a way around or out of its situation it could go way too deep..  The next segment will be to become so vulgar and vile with its language and then the threats will begin.. part of a pattern. I’m in the 4th year, of bullshit on radio and personalities, I know what weapons are used..” 

Oh yes, we found a radionews on OkCupid.. dated 2008.. could it be the first one ?  with photo….

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