The Bubble of Thought Above Your Head..

20 Jun

Have you ever had this sudden burst of though, know its like the cartoon of  a bubble of thought.


A number of years ago I took my Dad’s photo Id .. only photo we had of Dad in Uniform, and I wanted to make a copy and have it enlarged for a frame..  Well I went to walmart and found out real fast.. you cannot make photos of official photos.. such as on an ID or as the man explained to me, a passport.


So, how did they get a copy of Murts Passport..  You do have that in a safe place don’t you Murt? Have you ever posted it online anywhere?   I think this is going to get a lot more serious than I first thought.. Is there any program online that could obtain a photo of the passport?  Any search database that could have it?   And how can holly claim its her photo that was posted on  Did she take all three stolen photos and put them together and claim that was hers..  And needless to say, the responsibility of posting and removing of stolen copy rite photos falls onto the back of the owner of, which means Holly may have to explain why she was on radionewz posting as radio and claiming the photo belonged to her, and just who is the owner that allowed her access to the twitter page..  Or did the owner not want to take responsibility and yelled at Holly and said hey I need you to tell them it was your photo that was up on my twitter..  Well that would make Holly the fool of the year..  So Holly who is that rolled you down the hill, and the question still is, if its not really Holly who gained access to that photo than just who is it.   Who is Holly covering for?

Sock account: Brianna, Sock account: Astro, Sock account Rocketman, Sock account: executioner..   How many more are there?

Even if they took it from Murts web page its still a copyrite violation.. What was taken from my site and Facebook was a copyrite violation and I can assure you the photo taken from TH website was another, that totals up to 3 .. you think these are simple charges when they go to court?  Not the first time you used mine and each time is a violation count.. The day is coming..  listen carefully, the  day is coming..  I don’t care who you are, or who your friends with..

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