Here They Go Again..

19 Jun

Oh lets see.. My caller this morning said.. It  was reported by that idiot radio that: 

1. I do not live in NC.. I live in Pa..  Guess I better tell my children and family this newz..  

2. That My name isn’t mlee, that it’s really Joyce..  are you claiming that I was the first radionewz named Joyce Jacqueline Maxwell? Excuse me, I have the total list of people who post as Radio..  And who is to say that we haven’t obtained the information on who owns and who plays radio..

3. that your investigation reveals Check Fraud..            Oh really, so the topic of the day is check fraud?  Do you really want to go there?  You better remember this is libel.. combined with harassment can turn criminal real fast, and the long arm of the law is effective.. Remember,   { we just don’t know how close you are}.. Really?

Now again I ask, do you really want to go there? 

Have a statement back.. you made it.. live with it.. cause it could get real bumpy real fast… read to tread water..

When you get caught, best to be quiet isn’t it? Think people will forget? They won’t.

Thats right, I don’t forget and I damn well don’t forgive.. and I’m standing here again telling you.. your a damn liar…..always have been – always will be.. want to talk about  Checks and Fraud.. Want to accuse me of Tax issues again like levi did..  anytime your foggy  we can go to the IRS together all three of us ..  And the State Prosecutors..  Ready to reveal your name and address – this weeks radio?  

Real damn funny isn’t it.. you hide behind a cover, and you lie like a filthy dog and expect people to believe and respect you?  Trash you’ve always been, and trash you will always be..  You have fewer friends then you think you do.  So step out into the light and expose yourself..  Only people who have something to hide, hide behind a fake curtain.. 

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