Oh the Crazy’s Again..

18 Jun

Again I will repeat myself..

1. I did not assist in writing or publishing the book In Re: Casey Anthony. 

2. you, the crazys on and radionewzblog have created a lie, and attached my name to your lie. 

3. I have received no orders whatsoever, your lies again.

4. you stole a photo from my blog, and my Facebook account and used it again, you are violating the law again. You have never received permission to use my photo and I will be filing a complaint against you.

5. you should check out your facts before you start posting lies. 

I think both of these photos tell the tale… And I encourage all of my readers to purchase a copy of Timothy Holmseth’s book of In Re: Haleigh Cummings.  You actually might learn something, instead of the lies by the crazy you have believed..

Oh my Gosh,  Its Rev Grund, and he’s been hiding in the book of Timothy Holmseth now for 3.5 years on amazon.. oh my Goodness.

Page 108.. Somebody needs to learn how to research…   My favorite Chapter in the book is still  Chapter 37..  Return to Sender..

Image        Image


Of course this didn’t get in there before publishing.  Oddly it was compiled on Monday April 27, 2009 at about 3:10pm but it sort of, kinda got lost, out of the computer, out of the file.. and was not found for a year and a half….. shocking isn’t it..  wasn’t found until the last of October 2010.  And the only people in this report were the only people at this location because there is a narrative of who the officer talk to.. So, it seems it was Crystal, Sarah, the Police Officer and the neighbor across the street.. spying eyes..  You guys need to read the book.. 



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