Radio has show its hand again..

17 Jun

We know who’s playing radio tonight.. guess after a long day and bottles of wine, the only think it can think about is getting laid, and that ain’t gonna happen now is fake radio.. another week another radio face.. Instead of throwing off your desperation by commenting and throwing the tales of wow off on others..  I’m sure if you go stand on a street corner long enough and put a bag over your head, someone will come along and take you up on it.. Desperation.. 

So, three different radios in 3 weeks.. must be hard to keep people lined up to pull off the radio stunt, also its hard to get others beside levi to be vulgar and cruel, but of course birds of a feather..  

By the way .. champ.. you got the wrong house lined up on your twitter..  Those people who own and live in that house are not related to me.. this is where you really need to stay sober long enough to remember..  booze is hell on your memory putz..  I am not married.. my ex husband is no longer living, and we were divorced before I arrived on the east coast well over 20 years ago. fool  You see .. this is just how stupid you really are.. I have no lee relatives..  none..  and these people that you are stalking by posting their home, are innocent.  I have never met them, putz.. but I can assure you I know where and who this is going to land on.. You really have screwed up.. and all that drunk talk.. I swear your jealous..  Anyone who sets and has to throw sexual jabs around is someone who doesn’t get any and so terrified that others might..  And if you looked in the mirror drunk as you are, you probably would understand why you don’t get any.. who would want to do that with you? So tell me, just how many people have known issues with Me, Timothy Holmseth and Murt combined as one?  the number is quite limited, isn’t it. Its only downhill from here isn’t it moron….

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