Hey Levi aka Radionewz..

16 Jun

Why don’t you boycott my blog?  I give you my permission fools that you are, probably need it..  And Levi is threatening a mid 60’s man with kicking his ass if the man went to rural Tenn..  Who are you going to con into doing your dirty work Levi, I don’t think your man enough to kick anyone’s ass, you might threaten Murt, and threaten TH on the phone, and  you might be 31, but your still a un-launchable prick your parents can’t get rid of.. And I have no doubt a man, in fact any man you threaten.. or your grandmother could kick your sorry ass..  Bet your family laughs about you behind your back.. ill tempered little prick, who sets on his lazy ass at home, without helping his Mom and Dad..  So, here you go  Levi aka Radionewz this week….. your cartoon for the day….


Plus 1..



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