Just Couldn’t Resist..

14 Jun

Why would someone tweet to an account that does not

exist? Strange.


Now, that is the question that Murt posted on his twitter.. The simplicity of the answer is what I just couldn’t resist,  it seemed to me that in Murts effort to ask the question it was and is redundant.. He knows the answer.. so, why would he ask it..  well thats very simple.. words on a page.. there has to be some element of revenue to encourages his usage of words, and very redundant questions…..

The page I’m listing the link, is just perfect for people who have to deal with the group murt belongs to.. they should visit it quite often..

yr wrong

Murt that is the purpose of having so many fake accounts, people appear to be taking to them.. but the reality is.. they are talking to themselves…  And you know that.. rodeo

And of course the same ones are accusing Murt of doing the same thing..  now, lets discuss the spoof programs used on phones…

Started out back in 2010 or 2011. One of the Crazy’s would obtain your phone number, and what they do is use this spoof account on their cell phones to make calls to your phone, text you , and I’m sure even possible email you..  They have the choice to list a different number as the calling party, and location name..  Now the companies who put these aps and software out, claim its perfectly legal and untraceable..  Yea right.. first of all to harass someone online, email, text etc is a federal offense..  because of the element of communication, governed by the FCC  fools.  next, I made contact with one of these companies and they assured me, they could track down the person if using their software.. hey guys you have to agree to their software and you have to fill out your names, address’s and phone numbers, and you have to pay for these online by credit card.. guess what…. you are not hidden.  

So Murt if by chance one of the Crazy’s is emailing for you.. well look in the mirror buddy and tell me who you see standing with you..  These are your friends, and just how do you benefit from being part of this group and then acting like the victim.. What is the actually benefits for adults to group together and act like this?    

Your not protecting anyone, you are projecting feelings that for some reason, you were not adult enough to actually evaluate and think,

why do I want to be part of this attack group?  

Why do I want to set on twitter and play attack on some people, and victim to others?

Thats why there has to be a monetary issue somewhere in this..  I must suggest, get the heck off of the computer and go outside and work in the yard, learn how to bake for your loved ones,  go out and travel with them, and break this sorry addiction to this social media world that you have created as your only avenue to communicating with people..   If it involves hate and cruelty, I can assure you its wrong..                                                                                                                                                                                                   By the way Murt, I would suggest, that if you are going to communicate with Richard Grund, I strongly advise you to be very honest with him, and not play this hide and seek game you play with me and others..  Because I can assure you, that Man can see right through you,  and you cannot pretend enough to convince him, and when and if he finds out you are trying to trick him like you do others.  You have to look that man in the eye, after all Murt he does live right there in Orlando, and he doesn’t forget.. and his grouping of friends.. aren’t in cyberspace.  They are living, breathing, actual people.   Now to make your day, seem you haven’t seemed to find it yet, and aren’t barking at the super dumper snort – snort Radionewz..                                                          

Something showed up, and are there are questions to be ask..  such as  Parole, what Parole?  Violation of Probation and Parole, from what Facility in Pensacola?  There is a Federal there ..  But, LE is just not revealing anything..  There was a custody hearing in Baker, that Ron attended..  Now, last I was told back in 2012, that Ron lost all parental rights.. So, what would or could he have to do with custody..  Last but not least.. Things seem to be changing rapidly..  And what does all of this have to do with the Haleigh Case, which there is a petition out, that’s linked to the same Jax article.. to re-visit – odd words.. the Haleigh case..                  

“Online petition to revisit case; Mother arrested in Baker County”

Odd isn’t this,  now you guys know, that this has already been gone over by the FBI Unit in Maryland..  Evaluating people and actions involved in this case..   You do understand that..  And that their is a Police Report from the night that the Haleigh-bug Center issue occurred..  Now repeat the question again.. What Parole violation?


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