Oh I see Radio snort – snort

12 Jun

You know that snort snort thing.. it could run into two different elements.  Issues with a constant runny nose, and lots of nose bleeds, or is it the piggy in you thats coming out.. :@}..

Of course the big boss of radio had to jump in. serious,  it’s  like the only place it can show up and show its back side and pretend its complete hidden..  No one will ever know…. rather cowardly I do believe.. If your going to call people by their name, you should be brave enough to show your own face and name.. but not this one it likes to hide..

So here we go with visual displays…… Radio.. butt-head that you are.. take it away..


Now this is the one that should make this radio.. stand up and take notice and if it were real smart it should be backing the heck up and deleting..    You ask why..  well you can read this first and then I’ll explain it to you.. foolish radio..


These people, like radio. are so stupid they can’t quite get it together.. They see something they want to jump right into and point fingers make fun .. on and on.. But what they don’t know…. and I haven’t encourage anything about the spirits, and radio you can make fun and talk about flying monkeys..  This is where your stupidity lies..  You see your not making making fun of me or actually TH, your making fun of Rev Grund.. your running your mouth and making fun of a life that Rev Grund is very serious about.. You are so dumb..  You really want to get on the Rev Grund bad side..  You can’t hide from him.. He and Cobra are the best of friends.. Fool.

So go ahead radio, keep mocking ..  And when Rev Grund stands up and has a bit to say to you and the crazys you hang with, your on your own fool.  You should have checked things out before you stuck your weasel neck out.. And gonna end up eating your words.

Meet the world of Rev Grund..



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