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12 Jun

Well seems there is a firestorm that brewed on twitter, as to who was going to whomsoever twitter.  Well, sock accounts are not going to be using regular accounts.. Come people we have been at this struggle since the major use around us of Proxy accounts, such as radionewz came out way back in the spring of 2009.  They were out before that, but it was the sock accounts that hit the forums that was unbelievable  and the same thing went on then as goes on now..   This is the reason, that Facebook went public.. you use your name and if you create multi accounts, you better be careful cause they will nail you.. and I have seen a number of fake sock accounts, that associate with the twitter crazys.. ran across a number of them.. Like Valentine..Facebook takes complaints pretty serious, and when you block someone, they cannot see your account, and you cannot see theirs.. and there is no in between…  Too back twitter is behind the times..   Well, lets start with a few little aps you can use on twitter…  First of all, it is not a priority for twitter to give people access to tracking each other.. they might deem it stalking..

“Can You Tell How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Twitter Page?

In short, the answer to the question is no. There is no way to see how many times someone has viewed your Twitter page. Since Twitter doesn’t allow HTML coding, there is no way to insert a counter and the site does not provide a counter for its users. You also can’t use Google Analytics or other similiar metric tools on the site because of the lack of HTML. Additionally, Twitter profile pages are rather sparse, featuring just your name, your brief bio, a photo, a small list of your friends and all of your tweets. In fact, there isn’t really much to view on a Twitter user’s profile page.

Twitter also makes it difficult to monitor page visitors as the site doesn’t track IP addresses like websites such as LiveJournal do. As a result, you can’t even get an idea of where your visitors are visiting from.

Another reason that you can’t really see how many people view your Twitter page is that Twitter is a mobile-geared website like Foursquare. Instead of focusing on profiles, the site focuses on aggregating the tweets of all users you are following on one page, defeating the need to visit individual profiles. The site would run into many privacy issues and trouble with mobile users if they allowed tracking views. While you can’t tell who has been viewing your profile without asking about it, there are a few ways you can control who views your tweets.”

Then there is this Free ap, for twitter….

“TweepA user of Twitter.StalkerA tweep who follows another who does not follow them back.TweepsectIntersect a tweep’s lists of followers and following tweeps to determine who is stalking the tweep and who the tweep is stalking.”  <<  Oh I love that one, shows it both ways..

Now here is the latest from the FBI..

Computer hacker forums lit up last week as Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and police in 17 countries began knocking on doors, seizing computers and making arrests.

“On the popular websites where cyber criminals buy and sell software kits and help each other solve problems, hackers issued warnings about police visits to their homes.”

“The hackers quickly guessed that a major crackdown was underway on users of the malicious software known as Blackshades.

The FBI and prosecutors in the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office announced the results of that probe on Monday: More than 90 arrests worldwide.

The malware sells for as little as $40. It can be used to hijack computers remotely and turn on computer webcams, access hard drives and capture keystrokes to steal passwords — without victims ever knowing it.”


“The possible indicators of an infection by Blackshades or any other RAT can vary widely, according to the FBI, but some of them include:

• Webcam indicator lights that randomly turn on when you aren’t using the webcam.

• Mouse cursors that move erratically by themselves.

• A display that suddenly goes dark by itself while you are using it.

• Text-based chat windows that appear unexpectedly.

• Inaccessible computer files that ask for an encryption key.

If you’re comfortable under the hood, another step is to examine the Windows Registry for an unusual entry that contains a random string of letters and numbers that include the subkey of “SrvID.””

And I would suggest you download a sweet little Program..  Little Registry Cleaner Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3”

Or, you can go to and download the free software for your computers..

Now, if by chance you own a website.. like or Murts place..  you have access to what is referred to as a Control Panel..

Now in this control panel you do have the ability of checking what ip address, along with the software browzer, and location the link came from to your website….


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