Non – Bias in the Eye of the Beholder

11 Jun



This was the generalized opinion of being unbiased and remaining neutral by Murt of course.

Now what Murt isn’t seeing nor would the cronies that surround him, is the fact that it didn’t matter who wrote the book..This was not about Holmseth, this was about civil rights,  and the methods used by those on twitter casting to Facebook who intentionally violated others rights.. Why, because these other people do not share the same opinion.   Its basically, if you do not agree with what I say, then I will take action against you and boycott you..  This devised group of boycotter’s  have made it very clear, if we do not approve of what you say or do, or if you do not follow our guidelines, we will take action against you.. Why they say its because they Hate Casey Anthony.. Who by the way, since we must go over this again.. you know with your cloudy reviews given Murt..  Casey Anthony, like it or not was found not guilty..  She is suppose to be as free in her world as we are, but because of the haters, she has to live in hiding.. She can’t walk down the street, go out and get a job, go to the grocery store.. She has the haters on her tail, and Law Enforcement and the Legal world is afraid for her safety..  So, these innocent boycotter’s who violate others rights.. are part of the group that enforces the Hate….. Now if you people can’t see this.. then you all need to move into nursing homes, your brains have to to hell to sleep…

So murt, since you could grasp the aspect..  that I barely made it online yesterday, posted a comment and then the attacks against me began, because I am associated with Holmseth, and here you are using my own blog commentaries in a twist, not much different than the Crazy’s did to encourage the boycotter’s to go after both Holmseth and to go after me, because in your opinion I was defending Holmseth..

Now People do you see how they work?  Most people in the association on twitter of the boy,  the boycotter’s and murt and the Crazy’s don’t stand up for anything or anyone.. Primarily because they know they will be targeted.

So, with Levi standing up and telling absolute lies.. oh I’m hired by Holmseth..  Levi you prove yourselves out to be liars on this one, how often do you tell Holmseth to go get a job, criticize him for living off the system..  Hey fool, you live in a subsidized apartment too, hypocrite much.. who pays your bills.. Mommy and Daddy? Yet you claim in your twit that he could afford to hire me.. Idiot, you couldn’t afford to hire me, nor could your friends who love you so much..  You see I set my value much higher, and I don’t work for anyone thats untrustworthy… remember, I’m retired..

Then he claims that Holmseth is working with Casey Anthony.. are you out of your idiot mind, hell someone besides your momma needs to love you, even your daddy couldn’t launch you out of the house..  Do you have siblings that are appalled at you levi? If your an only child I could understand them keeping you home,  because there is not one female in this world that would deserve to be punished by having to live a life with you..

So murt.. the next time you stand up in your blog and scream about peoples rights being violated  and how no one should have their rights violated.. I want you to remember your blog from yesterday and how you deliberately twisted it, to satisfy your friends.. and we both know what I mean.. thats not being Neutral Murt, thats showing fear of retaliation from the other side.  And that goes for taking Oaths too Murt..  For standing up, telling the absolute truth, putting yourself on the line to protect others.. isn’t that an oath you took also Murt..  So much for Truth, Honesty, Preservation, defending the Constitution .. Wow Murt, you sure faltered on that one huh?

So Murt.. when you hear the Cry Semper Fi, does your chest pump out.. do you feel the great pride? Then where did it go yesterday, cause you darn sure lost it?  So today Murt,  I expect you to remember that phrase.. And the oaths you took..  Lets point that Oath to the direction of the Constitution and Other peoples civil rights !!  I think you forgot the phrase :  I may not like what you say, or how you say it.. But, I will defend with my life your right to say it.  Missed that one huh?  Its just when you lie, you get to face the truth, right boy-toy levi?

And for the idiot crazy’s who really have no idea what that means……

“Semper Fidelis is a Latin phrase meaning “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal”. Well known in the United States as the motto of the United States Marine Corps”

Needless to say Murt, while you were humming away, trying your best to get the goods on me yesterday, I got to play you like a fiddle, and made a bracelet while I did..  Nope the set-up didn’t work.. too bad so sad..  Its not gonna go her way… Not much does, does it??

And what did you learn, and got to take home, only things that others don’t want published..  Me, well it’s hump day, I said what I needed.  I need to finish this bracelet, and the the solid white buffalo.. humm work never ends.. at least its a labor of love..



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