11 Jun

First of all, here is a internet listing of groups, many titled a combination of boycott and hate at the same time..  Very interesting reads on many of them..  One in particular your gonna love.. it stems from Murt.. posting the civil rights of a boycott group being suspended by twitter, for boycotting Baez book….  True Colors..  thats a song isn’t it..
(This page is simply for Casey Anthony haters.. If you think the verdict the jurors made was indeed correct, we dont care. Get outta here.. we will shoot you down. )    ———  True Colors..


Well, then I found this amazing list of BOOKS… Oh MY God, there are Ten of them.. do you hear me.. 10 of them.. Wow, and their all about Casey and Caylee….



Well, Boycotter’s, Murt, Levi and the rest..  you seem to have faulter in your quest.. There are ten book.. all  have authors, all have opinions..   And Murt I will admit one point you have made … The antics on the internet the last couple of days, probably promoted the sale of the new book, because its setting right next to the other 9 that you people have not been successful in stopping any of them……  So, after the last what 4 years.. I would suggest you forsake your quest, and get on with your lives.. 

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