11 Jun

 We all know that Levi doesn’t have the ability to stand alone,  after all he must have his support group standing around, and of course he must intervene in things that have nothing to do with him, nor was his opinion ever ask..  He seems not to be able to rationalize  that people can associate without the issues of relationships..   Now, we do know since I have brought this to your attention before, that on the tapes of conversation between the boy toy levi and Tim Holmseth, oddly enough Levi used terms of endearment, that a man normally would never use to another man.. I brought this up.. because I did think it was rather strange.  Now in all of this time, when on twitter or the internet have you seen Levi with a real relationship with a female..  

Now he has this play thing that he uses with his good buddy who has expressed herself on twitter.. oddly enough she made the mistake of mentioning my name.. Does that mean she is stalking me?  Does it mean she is Harassing me?  After all she has a combined issue on twitter.  First she uses her professional look and clarifies it in descriptive nature.. and then she dives in using peoples names that do not associate with her at all.. Who never make attempts to associate, who do not talk to her, do not even take time in this world to clarify her existence..  Yet, she interferes and interjects herself into an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with her..   My advice to this female person,  Mind your own business, this has nothing to do with you.  Had I wanted your input, I would have ask for it.. Now leave me alone, Both you Levi Page, and you Kim Picazio , do not harass or discuss me online. 

I stood up for peoples civil rights Kim PIcazio, I thought that was your job !!



As far as Levi is concerned, well he’s his show of acting like a fool.. got it before it could be erased.


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