Bald Faced Liar !!!

10 Jun

Levi, I said tonight in a reply.. I don’t go to your site, why because you don’t know what the truth is.. I clicked on your name while ago, and hit your site and as usual, you had your lies up and going..  If you walked into a church your feet would start to burn and the lights would flicker- they might have to call Rev. Grund on you.. of course he might have to cast the demons out of you.. if he could get all of them.. I’ll even loan him my Rosary to protect him while he’s working..  You are one evil creature.. 

And anyone who believes the trash and lies you put out, has major issues..  You levi page are a BALD FACED LIAR..  I do believe you are jealous of Tim Holmseth, you would have to be to run after him as frequently as you do.. What do you want from me? I’m have no interest in little boys in big boys shoes who’s Mommy and Daddy have to take care of him..  Tell your friend nipples, she doesn’t need you or the trash you bring with you.. She is much better off living her own life and finding a real man to talk to.



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