08 Jun

But it really is a website, and it really does analysis other websites..  Try it out..



Now, since your about to have so much fun and it is time consuming once you start checking these things out, why not slip one of these little beauties into the oven, you gonna wanna snack and you search..



And of course, it would be nice to have a wee bit of cheesecake hanging around the kitchen for the sweet tooth..



Now, this is what the results will begin to look like, and this is where you begin to get hooked….. Hey guys, I didn’t make this up.. its the website.. you need to bitch and moan and call names.. call the owner of the analyzing website..  I can’t help it if it brings out the researcher in people..



And when you see the comment..  probable Niche ..  you set there and go what?? what does that mean.. well you are being grabbed into the what ifs…….. so you scroll on down the page, past the neighbors.. by the way what do the neighbors mean, websites on the same server as radionewz…



So what does all this mean.. jeez is it confusing or what…. well the key words are generally placed on top of the primary web page and when the botz and spiders come crawling through they use those key words as hits, so anyone searching for one of those key words on google, yahoo, bing any search engine, will auto pull up radionewz.. this is a common practice of having people attracted to your websites..  Now the second listing

Key phrases are about the same principle..

Now the odd thing about this, the key words and phrases are generally put into action when the site was originally put together.. they end up on the indexing page, and or the forum location info.  So, if you comment on people in 2012, well your not going to make them as important as they originally were say in 2009 – 2010  when they were originally placed on the index page or in the new forum..   Now, oddly enough

this is the woman that Holly claimed to be after her on other sites and Holly brought the info to radionewz.. oddly enough..  the womans name was a part of radionewz before Holly pulled her crap and became involved.. sort a-  kin-da,  li-ka the cart before the horse situation?  cart

Anyway…. I say this because……


See Joyce has had quite a turn over on radionewz……  Oh my Goodness.. had you ever heard of Joyce prior to the beatings? or since?  Sort of got real quiet huh…..

So who is this Joyce person.. well oddly enough, I found one in Leland, NC  .. whats important about Leland, I remembered the name from when was first started back in 2009 and darned if that blog turned website turned forum was located on a server in Leland, NC.  Now let me explain these little factors to you.. if you have internet service, you generally have it with a local carrier, and most locale carriers give you space on their server for a website….. dudh…..   A new phrase to remember with this new radio.. snort – snort..

Well I did a bit of checking on this lady.. Joyce.. and found that the one in Leland, NC has the middle name of Jacqueline…. darn.. there is the Jacqueline.. heard that name before, amazing.. here we have Jacqueline and Leland all in the same breath, and a son named Gary?  oohhhh…  :@<O



And the name Kane was used a lot remember..


So who is this lady named Joyce?  And is she so important that she is the Niche on, all I know is she was important at the beginning..  and then we had Altha as Reddios..  and then we had Judy from Arizona, and who is this new one.. snort– snort..

Now what does all of this prove?  It proves that radio is just a name.. used by many people over the last 5 years.  It never has been anyone in particular.. its owner probably spends time on the site as radio too, but never on a constant basis, only grabs up people to fill in when .. the fill ins are needed..   to keep the wolves at bay…. So have fun, eat your taco bake and cheese cake.. remember it is Sunday so stick to Coke, Pepsi  maybe koolaide, juice or ice tea..   Have a great one……

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