28 May

Its been about 2 years now that Murt finally jumped close to the Haleigh case.  He admitted a number of times he had never followed the case, but had been accused of harming Haleigh at one time or the other..   Suddenly Murt Jumps into a court hearing being held in Minn.  Murt had never associated with TH, so it was quite unusual for him to step into this issue.  But it became quite clear very  fast why he was in the midst. What I didn’t know at the time, that emails back and forth with murt, he was sharing.. even though the emails had a nice little label on them, murt was not suppose to be handing them over to the third party, but the reality is. He was! Now others who emailed back and forth with Murt and was quite open with their opinions, did you know where your emails were going?  Now this would become clearer when murt decided to act as a go between .. go between myself and the third party which I was to end up receiving a email..  

I already realized there was something very different about Murt..  still believing he the real murt was still on-board.. and the attacks running, it began not to make any sense.. He would not nor could he act rationally about certain topics, he actually acted as if he were a victim in the sense, which didn’t make any sense.  His ratings would increase, and his twit count and followers..   He seemed to be belle of the ball.. so much attention thrown at murt.  When Murt took the high ground and he viscously went after th and was posting protected information on his blog involving a small child.. I knew there was no doubt that this was not the same person from a few years back and if it was, then he was and is to this day as much as a vile poster / blogger as the radio characters have been since their beginning back in 2009.

murts, rockets, astro, radio, and the 25 odd named fake twitter accounts are all the same.  What murt finds out, he shares with the others.. and on each printing of a description of a person oh his account,  he is telling a story..  All Fake, all threatening, all are without doubt –  bully accounts.  

So Murt what are we really suppose to be calling you?  You know one thing I was wondering.. you know I found your apartment house in New York.. Do you still own or lease that property, and how often do you go up there?   And another question..

Just who was your source on identifying the person you named in your twitter?  

I’m not repeating the name.. cause I wanna be able to look people in the eye and say..  

“I didn’t put that man’s name out there with those accusations”..  

“Murtwitnessone did it, its murts fault, I don’t know where he came up with that, but he just got vicious with it” ..   There you go.. Karma ..

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