Oh My Goodness..

27 May

It seems someones nose is so far out of joint they seem to be having trouble seeing what a boo boo they have made.. After all its the same account thats been used several times now.. which means the same person has posted each one of these…… and what is the response to me.. very vulgar it is, it is..  someone is not going to get nice things for Christmas.. seems like sticks and coal is in order.. bad.. bad.. bad..


Fuck you Mary, Fuck you Levi, Fuck you Murt. Mother fuckers all of you.








This is an added PS….. I about laughed my self off the chair.. this  murt.. makes me question if your really Murt or who you really are..  and as far as I might think.. your comments referring to this is BullShit!!!

  1. since certain bloggers only want to write about this sort of thing, expect more of it. 16h

  2. Well, talk to the author of the blog and not tome. All I did was to retweet.the article.

Well, now, looks like the haters had it all wrong. Someone with first name of MIKE may be behind all of the socks according to new source.

So Murt in my book,  I had ever reason to block you, not to communicate with you.. and not to respond to your bullshit that you put out..   I’m right on the money.. the poster behind Murtwitnessone,  IS NOT MURT.
I knew that the real Murt was no longer in charge of his twitter or Blog..  His postings were all swayed.    So, we are making sure this is PUBLIC ..
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