Here’s a funny, that just popped up in looking around data..

25 May

I had my mind on Haleighnewz today..  Haleighnewz 1 and 2 had been developed and was listed on twitter for the year of 2009, started out about the same time as radionewz…  I chuckle when I remember that it was Haleighnewz that outted herself in the newspaper..  Yep she sure did.. told the world that she was Ellen Barbara Johnson of Houston Texas, worked as an oil field analysis.  Oddly enough, she is the same Barbara Johnson that donated all the money to pay the child support for Crystal, and even showed up down at the park with the Bio Mom family during the book sales for the school..   Amazing how these people actually got around.. 

But I ran across something else while I was milling around enjoying the old times with Haleighnewz aka Lycos.  There is a website that analysis websites and domains.   At first I though naw the way that site publishes names and people, its probably nothing.. But then I saw the date.. and then I ran the name.. and when the name came up with having been a resident in Leland, NC..  I though what’s going on here??  So, lets see the analyzing website is called  and the date it ran its analysis was July 7, 2012, and the comparisions it ran was by a certain name being used in both Keywords and key phrases.  Now in key words this name is used in two parts..  whereas in the key phrases it is one name..  Now why this become unusual, is that the name is actually used on the site, but only after July 7th, 2012..  Actually it shows up on July 9th, 2012. and who throws this name out there and beats up on it.. well Holly folly herself..    Now, another oddity is the middle name of this certain person.. Jacqueline.. does that not make you pull your head back and stair at the computer for a moment.     So, now we have this name.. and the middle name is Jacqueline and we can put it in Leland, NC where the first server that was on.. was Leland, NC….  hahahaha.. oh the chuckles..   Now, this  woman, whos name is _ _Y_E  Jacqueline _a_ _e_ _, is on the web.. all over Facebook.. and how many other website.. maybe pinerest too.. 

This is the best part.. I have a photo..  So, lets see what the word that Qirina uses for this female person.. as per > 

Probable Niche….   

Well heres the listing of info.. read it.. don’t read it.. come to your own conclusions..  As Rhett Butler one said,  Franky My Dear.. I don’t give a damn.. 

Key Keywords

blogs 75 1.32%
martin 49 0.86%
radio 45 0.79%
knows 38 0.67%
pages 37 0.65%
years 36 0.63%
trayvon 35 0.61%
like 34 0.60%
boycotters 34 0.60%
just 33 0.58%
overstreet 31 0.54%
joe 28 0.49%
old 26 0.45%
death 26 0.45%
thinks 25 0.44%
davis 25 0.44%
aka 25 0.44%
times 24 0.42%
joyce 24 0.42%
black 24 0.42%
says 23 0.40%
news 23 0.40%
name 23 0.40%
neptune 21 0.37%
maxwell 21 0.37%
levi 21 0.37%
holly 21 0.37%
don 21 0.37%
said 20 0.35%
mother 20 0.35%

Key Phrases

joyce maxwell 20 1.24%
subtle death 17 1.06%
jmax1213 aka 17 1.06%
aka joyce 17 1.06%
levi page 14 0.87%
vernon davis 13 0.81%
year old 12 0.74%
trayvon martin 12 0.74%
haleigh cummings 9 0.56%
joe overstreet 8 0.49%
facebook page 8 0.49%
casey anthony 8 0.49%
brandy green 8 0.49%
george zimmerman 7 0.43%
cummings case 7 0.43%
global grind 6 0.37%
black panthers 6 0.37%
wan kenobi 5 0.31%
tracy martin 5 0.31%
red shirt 5 0.31%
new black 5 0.31%
melissa duprez 5 0.31%
luvinme byrd 5 0.31%
city taxes 5 0.31%
cheryl brown 5 0.31%
tina overstreet 4 0.24%
tight end 4 0.24%
star wars 4 0.24%
obi wan 4 0.24%
miami dolphins 4 0.24%

Domain Name Keywords

We found 2 significant keywords appearing in the domain name

1. radio
2. news


Source Character Count 202044
Code Character Count 129637
Organic Character Count 72407
Filtered Numbers 265
Filtered Words (Common) 5524
Filtered Words (Short) 377
Total Word Count 13202
Impact Paragraph Count 4194
Impact Word Count 5655
Impact Lexicon Size 2085



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