Let’s talk about Kittens..

23 May

Last night, I was in the front yard, trying to coax my little girl cat back across the road, I really don’t like to see her wander into the neighbors yard.. I walked out on the driveway and across the road, I only managed to get my little girl into chase me mom mode, and she took off running.

You don’t chase cats, like you would a dog.. cats don’t care they climb trees.. so I turned around and headed back across the road and up the drive way.. One of the neighbors cats, beautiful black and white lady walked past me, and said hello.. its easy to recognize a hello from a cat when they look up at you and say Meow and keep on walking.. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.. But what I didn’t realize was that this pretty was a Momma.. Out of no where it seemed came the kittens.. lots and lots of kittens, dark grey, solid black, long hair, short haired and then the orange and white appeared. There must have been a least 6 or even 7, running and tumbling in the drive way, without fear they seemed to think I was okay.. I turned and headed up the walkway, the parade of babies running behind..

I walked up the steps followed by the crowd.. babies all over the porch, up on the rocker, up on the porch railing.. jumping off the porch onto each other, up into the trees.. There was a small ball that my Granddaughters boyfriend tossed down the walkway, immediately a group of baby fur chased after it.. some climbed into the flower pots, several were laying on the porch wrestling each other.. Kittens, kittens everywhere..

No, I didn’t take them into the house, no I didn’t offer even though they thought the front door was a very interesting place to lay down after I did go back in.

What will today bring, oh I would love to visit with the babies again, but also realize they could become a habit very easily and I don’t need a half a dozen new babies to care for..

These are not the kitten babies I talked about.. but very close in colors …

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