Here Ya Go Murt.. Protection for the Elderly..

22 May

Murt you live in a State, that really goes an extra mile to protect their elderly..In fact, and apparently it doesn’t mean to much to the Crazy’s .. but in the State of Florida it is a FELONY to harass, stalk, or abuse an elderly person. Now the Law in Florida starts the protection at the prime ole age of 60 in their efforts to care for the elderly in the sunshine state..  You could without doubt obtain an attorney and charges against each one of these crazy’s  in the state of Florida or out, remember the little Ole statue about “The Long Arm of The Law”. If it worked in ordering Holmseth in Court in Florida, it would work for you.. So for the abuse extended towards you, harassment and stalking.  Not sure why you haven’t gone in that direction ..  this is another reason I have a few doubts.. why you haven’t taken advantage of these statues and laws to not only protect yourself but also your lady and your sister, all whom fall under the same legal protection.. So, Murt.. here’s the path to start throwing up that legal wall, but like dragging a horse to water.. you can’t make it drink..


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