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21 May


Now everyone’s aware of these new electronic Cigarettes..   But, are you aware of the cost?  Oh they are convenient, and you can smoke just anywhere you want, but if your gonna buy the individual’s that are not rechargeable..  your gonna pay about $8.00 per cigarette.  Now with that convenient cigarette you can obtain about 25 puffs per..   which means chances are you would smoke one electronic cigarette per day..  If an average carton of say Winston’s run you about 40.00  and you smoke a carton a week.. that boils down to at least 160.00 per month just for smoking guys.. just for smoking..  If you smoke an electronic cigarette per day..  Thats $240.00 per month.

Thats a lot of money to put into a nasty habit.. and people don’t realize just how nasty that habit is until they finally quit..  Thats when you find you have a nose again.. And that nose after about 6 weeks begins to pick up the odor of cigarette smoke anywhere around you..   The problem with smokers who for years violated the air space of others,  family, friends, neighbors, strangers anywhere within smelling distance, the payback is hell when you just can’t stand the odor of cigarettes and someone  lights one up, and its right under your nose..  Karma.. darn straight..

I was a violator for years..  and now receiving my paybacks..  I can proudly say.. I haven’t smoked in 11 months and on the homestretch for my first year..     Was it hard..  Yes and no.. do I deserve a congraduations ? no..  it wasn’t hard to quit.. the hard part is staying quit when the little things start popping up..

You get in the car.. and you think, I should light up a cigarette..  Sip a cup of coffee, and you think, Cigarette..   after means, the thoughts come in .. light up a cigarette..   I would grab a piece of gum instead.. in fact for months, when I chewed the gum, I referred to it as smoking.   Hey, it worked..  and the pack that I last opened and smoked from last June 27th at 6:30pm .. and it is still in the bottom drawer of the kitchen cabinet where I put the pack.  The electronic Cigarettes, I used for 3 days and then stopped.. It was finished.

Now if you really want to quit.. no one can tell you the best way to choose.. Its a personal choice..  All anyone can do is encourage to hold your ground and not smoke, fight the urges..  Will it ever go away, yes and no.. it comes in spurts..  Most days I never think about it anymore, I just grab up my gum..  Hey, it works for me.  And it doesn’t violate air space..    You choose.. you can drop by the store for cigarettes or just for gum.. you have no idea how much better it feels to be a non smoker.. t_738_01.jpg_1

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