How easy people screw things up..

20 May

Okay people, I’ve seen the comment and suggestions for the last month or so.. and knew someone had did a bit of research on the Tenn Levi Page and confused it with the South Africa Levi Page.  Tell you the truth if you read up on the Levi from S Africa, you’ll find he really is a much better person then the Tenn yapper,  the s African Levi is Married and a minister in his own rights.  And here is the kicker, he’s much better looking.

So Murt, you can forget the S. African Angle.. it was a blooper..  And as far as Astro being invaded.  Naw, the real person, Susan was never on there.. Its been a phony account, and the emails I received were by what I expected a phony the whole time..  So, cast this astro aside as a scammed and a spammer, a liar and trickster aka radio and hell Murt it could well be that its  Astro aka Radio aka Murt for all we know….



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