It Was a Typical Sunday..

19 May

This variation of what a Sunday night shouldn’t be, has been going on again on Twitter for sometime now, its one where people run their mouth and come Monday morning when they begin to sober up they start cleaning house.. it works that way on most, lets see if Astro starts her clean up pretty soon.. Now Murt has brought out a few good points against Astro.. as to whom she bashes and then she just adores.. In the world of Twitter.. Astro enters alone.. there is no one on Twitter that went to befriend Astro.. she has climbed the backs of others now for the last 3 years.. she even tried to pay cobra to do his pi work and take ole radio down.. Since there is no doubt that Cobra knows exactly who radio is, and knows exactly who astro is.. and to boot. I have no doubt he knows who owns and operates it.. That Cobra Man gets around, and he knows many many things. He’s just not as controllable as people want him to be. And he and Murt use to be talking buddies and now they just don’t seem to connect.. hmm wonder why?

So, Astro you really need to watch the threats you’ve been throwing out.. was it a party night on Sunday night or what.. you mention that Murt was prowling all night, shoot girl you do too.. You be prowling right behind the Murt.. Is your complaint that you can’t sleep unless he does.. Well girl, he’s not in your bed.. turn off your phone and just go to sleep.. What ever your on, you need to curb it.. sleeping is good for you.. you could even loose weight by having a good nights sleep..

So first you were threatening mcgreggors and going to court and then you threaten to kick murts door in.. hell girl thats Breaking and Entering.. your threatening to commit felonies on that man.. Tell you, you need to work on your social skills.. cause right now.. your gonna get yourself in big trouble with all these threats your making..



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