Hey Murt, here’s one

19 May

Murts running through twitter trying to find the fake accounts that astro is whining about.. and darned if their not knocking at my door on twitter.

last week it was this thing with lips and a cherry.. this week it thinks its a goddess talk about the narcissism running wild in that one Jeez.. seen that one before too..

Both were bragging about their ability to give head..  I guess the .. (well I spelled it) board (but I really meant ) Broad..  (never know she might be Broad she ..he.. it..)  doesn’t realize.. if you have to brag about it, then your advertising for it.. which means.. dumb ass your not getting anything at home, not even the opportunity to give head..  and what does it follow.. drunk women and cougar dens..   I don’t know anyone that would want to help you, nor do you need to be knocking on my door..

Cause Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn..   you might call 1-900-someonegivesashit. They will at least listen to you bitch and complain and advertise for your need for oral sex all you want, of course they will charge you .. you know that..   You know.. you might just hit up on Young- ole “ACE” he might think about letting you have some….  I’ll ask him for you on twitter.. okay?



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