Oh my its getting Spookie

18 May

I decided to drop into Twitter to see whats going on.. Well, this is jest of the conversations.. Murt, well he’s doing a tale of several cities and throwing remarks at ole RNB, as to who the owner is or who runs the nasty little website.. Is it male or is it female / male / well you know we don’t know.. And after reading Murts little commentaries.. I want to make sure you get two points out of this.. I know your busy just concentrating on the RNB garbage.. But Murt makes two consistent boo boo’s..

He’s always on the outs with the Levi.. But he always refers to Levi as a Prominent Blogger.. Now, you know Murt he’s.. acting a bit strange with that. thats the first one.. and then as much as he has dogged that attorney in south Florida.. he refers to her again while on the outs, as a prominent Attorney.

Those two elements I caught onto a long time ago.. especially when Murt pulled an go between.. Same type of crap that Astro pulled, and what does she do when she’s been bitch slapped on Mcgreggorsblog.. She threatens me.. not smart.. of course don’t expect her to be smart..

So have a read of Murt and his beating the crap out of RNB..



and then read up on fake account Astro.. So, your gonna beat me up in Court.. Did you forget that making threats like that are illegal? Smart aren’t You…


Now here is a bit of food for thought.. Before the world went south for Murt because of Prinnie and McKee.. Murt couldn’t run his own website.. odd huh, he hired an administrator for the site and the forum.. Thats how he ran afoul with both.. Since Murt has left the silent days of simple twittering back around 2011 I would say, he’s been under attack and his blog and twitter just going to town, and fighting with people.. Oddly enough, before that time period, he never involved himself with the Haleigh case, nor anyone within.. But suddenly he’s just all into the war against TH.. so intently that he didn’t nor could he reason.. It seemed like the hate he was extending was out of place. Now, I finally have to ask .. Is your Twitter or your Blog ran by the real murt?

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