Wanna See a Funny??

17 May

I dug the old ones out the other day.. digging up files never ends.. when you have database.. not quite as big as the NS files.. or others who claim they have a data base the NS would envy..

So, lets go back to what?? 2011. And guess what name is one this one.. Damn Straight.. The Rocket, can you believe that… And the other two.. well at that point it made a Twitter Tripple.. now its a Twitter quadruple.. Now, as we post these images look at some of the names that rather peek out at you.. And golly all would be taken out of context.. why go that route.. maybe the crazy who opened this account, doesn’t have anything left to throw.. so it took time to go through twitter to put info out from other peoples mouth.. charming..



You see I opened the twitter page today to look around and this is what was waiting to crawl on in,

I saw the mouth and knew I had just seen these the other day, and though wow such imagination, and does it not realize the finger pointing..


Of course some genius people don’t have a lick of common sense, now do they??? By the way the photos and post speak for themselves..

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