Wanna Another Good Laugh..

17 May

I’m telling you the intelligence on twitter crazy group is growing leaps and bounds..

Now, Astro.. you know the one riding the rocket, which I am sure rocketman1069 displayed before.. is beating up on the Murt.. First of all it brought up the old topic of Murt needs a psychic eval.. Shoot people have been telling the crazy’s and the crazy have been telling astro the psycho.. that they and she has needed evaluations for years.. If I were murt, I would tell that dippy broad.. Hell, yes I’ll take a psych eval as long as you pay for two.. yours and mind, and I get to pick the shrink to do the deed..

Then to top it off.. Now remember this Astro broad is suppose to live in Virginia.. right, well in Virginia when they want to put someone away for a spell.. you know for mental purposes.. they call it “Involuntary Commitment”.. But not ole Astro.. and one has to wonder where she gets this from.. She wants to “Baker Act” ole Murt.. Generally you would expect people who live in Florida and familiar with the term, like if they had been committed or someone they know, or in-say involved in Mental Health Departments or Psych wards, or even Law enforcement.. The term “Baker Acted” is not an over the table general topic. Its a term used for “involuntary commitment” in Florida only, named after a man named Baker… Now you tell me how a dip-shit like Astro suppose to be in Virginia and a double dip-shit radio in Georgia?? two different states, could or should suggest mental treatment for a person in a third state? Should we rename them, to psych warden Astro and psych warden radio, wanna see their medical degrees..


Click to access Baker%20Act%20Overview%202013.pdf

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