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08 May

Many times when a question is ask, the person asking it is probably the same person who created the Twitter Account, and without doubt the only person who remembers the Twitter Account.. Apparently, they have reached the point where there is very little to say and its like a dog chasing its tail.. In this case the dog is chasing its tale… get the drift..

It started with this fake account asking a question, yet pointing a finger at ole astro who we know is not Susan from Va.. who is it.. probably the same fake account asking the question, and astro and the character its pointed out from the past, and radio. the crazy just gets around a lot.. not enough to do in its world..


And who is this clearfall.. well it sort of got the name wrong, must have forgotten that it added an O on there.. and look of course who posted this to begin with.. now what was it I was told the other day about someone making the statement.. “well I guess thats why the call me Medusa”? Did anyone read that? Can you share with me who it was that made that comment?


And there was a comment claiming the identity of whisperer, lets see was it on badme’s ole blog. Also note the person who had put this image on twitter to begin with.. ole meat cleaver itself..

As for Murt, I’m sure for his own peace of mind, he would have been better off staying like he was a few years back, quietly talking to a few people, hanging out with the Cobra, but not involved with the crazy’s and not been accused, cussed at, porn made of his photos and was left alone by prinnie and crew. And certainly didn’t have to worry about anything anonymous. Those were the good ole days murt, I’m sure you miss them.. they were cutting cobra’s throat instead of yours. I told you before, you got to watch who you hang out with .. You know once you get down into the mud and the mire, no one can tell the difference as to who is who…

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