Mental Disease Is Showing

04 May

This commentary was posted sometime last week.   It was sent to me and my opinion ask.. What I had to say, who ever is writing on at this point as the blogger is one sick dog.. surpassing the concept of sick puppy, it is a dog in deed.  Rather an inhuman comment to generate about posting a person’s obit.  And that comment is mask as humor?


people some 20 years or more younger than Murt might think  making this comment is a given, but in the years I’ve spent on this earth, I’ve seen many people pass..  20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Apparently you don’t take into consideration that murts habits that you consider bad are all in posting on the internet.. yet with the way he is displayed he appears in pretty good health.. much better that idiots claiming to live in Va, Ga or elsewhere who’s habits may well be much worse.. Drugs and alcohol takes their toll on people.. By the way astro aka  radio have you notice how thin the skin on your arms is getting,  do you bruise easily?

Now, the bottom line is..  Astro aka Radio you do realize that you could well pass tomorrow, and nothing would change in the world..  no one would miss that little amount of water from the glass. And of course since you run around the web nameless, no one would miss you, nor mourn for you..   You do understand that Karma is really the one you have to fear.. For what you wish on others, will come back to you.

By the way, you really make bad conclusions when you determine who and what other people are,  I am not friends with Murt, he knows that and you should know that quite well.. For Murts association with you and your flunkies puts him in the same category.  I have nothing to do with him.  Nor any form of communication..  And I don’t have fake accounts nor encourage them.  I don’t need to make up friends to associate with,  apparently you people do..  Your social life must be lacking..  People in real life catch on faster than the ones you lie to and hide from behind fake accounts on twitter.   Your attitude, postings and methods are always the same, and all it truly shows is your mental illness.. 1175177_582677265108690_2143601827_n

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