Scam Emails in Multiples

21 Apr

Its amazing that over the past 4 year years the amount of spam emails that have spread around, through those who are on the email addies of people who communicated on the Haleigh Cummings Case. What truly is odd is many of the spam emails show a European address system. And it now has become a habit to continue using in multi spam emails, people who’s email addies have been violated.

Now we know that this isn’t anonymous members who are actively going after the little people, they have no idea who these people are. Nor shared in any involvement, so its very obvious that who ever is involved,
1. they know who the victims are to go after, and
2. they make the mistake of using a number of other peoples names from the Haleigh case to send out the spams, and they weren’t on the original email addie.
3. One must wonder why such a personal touch to make sure these spam emails are sent out.

So as your watching the spams come in, and the people they are sent to you begin to know whats going on, and eventually, its going to cost someone big trouble.. Now stop and envision the tactics here.. Someone from Lets say France, decides to send spam emails, and not telling what is inside that people should never click on.. They inadvertently choose, a random woman in Baker County, Florida to send spam emails to. And then out to all of those on her addie.. Well, several weeks go by and they choose another woman who wasn’t on the same accessible addie to send emails to, and how do we know their not accessible.. they are on the opposite sides of the case who would not have been communicating with each other.. But we do understand that anyone who would be involved in this type of activity is a criminal. And internet troll criminal who’s mentality thrives on ignorance and how funny it is to harm others.

Many sites have been put up to explore the issues behind spam.. Have a read..
“Can Someone Steal Your Email to Send Spam? “Your Identity Isn’t The Only Thing That Can Be Stolen From You”.

Now, this description of a spammer.. “Unscrupulous cretins” .. thats a great descriptive term..

Needless to say, someone needs to yell at Holly’s G-mom and tell her, that her addie are going out to people she hasn’t contacted in a number of years. And they really must love hers cause now their attempting to send out personal messages about her.. Tell her to do what she needs to do with her account, is to change her password and I will make sure that I send out the spam email to the spam collectors.. Also advise her that Sprint has been contacted.. and the ip address of the spammer has been sent on the original header.. Eventually, someone is going to pick up their sprint phone and it just isn’t going to work any-longer.. and the option of just waiting for the knock on the door.. –

IP Range Location: USA, Virginia, Alexandria

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