April 2014

10 Apr


I’m hanging back and reading……




I posted this above,  just to prove a point..  Note ! I mention no ones name,  Note ! I point in no ones particular direction,  yet they keep tabs on me..  Now the question is Why??   I have not been posting on the blog since November 2013..    Therefore, they have to be on a continued stalking mission to know when I have blogged and haven’t and need to comment about my presence.. Cyber Bullying .. Cyber Stalking..  Plus the fake accounts sent to attempt to gain access to my twitter..  Desperation is the key word.


So freaks, thanks for proving my point..  Apparently, you people only have each other and there are only just a few of you to begin with.  Can one imagine the only social life people have is on twitter, or their blog?  Not enough real life to keep them busy, and their only action is to harass,  bully or stalk others on line..

levi shit radio shit

You need to keep your 2.00 levi, your going to end up needing it.. Did you borrow it from your Daddy? After all he’s the bread winner in the house isn’t he?   And Radio.. Nutcases, think you need to check out your own glass house..


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